Breakfast & Tea

Cape May Bed & Breakfast

Breakfast and Tea

Breakfast and Afternoon Tea are special at The Queen Victoria.

Breakfast at The Queen Victoria is an experience that you won’t want to miss.  Our buffet is served daily from 8:00 until 10:00, allowing you to dine at your leisure and convenience.  Each day we offer one of the mouthwatering special entrées featured in our cook book, along with a delightful variety of other foods, including home baked breads, fresh baked muffins and biscuits, fresh baked New York style bagels and English muffins (with our homemade strawberry jam), fresh cut fruit salad, vanilla yogurt, and hard-boiled eggs, as well as a variety of juices.  Make as many passes through the buffet as you desire, it is “all you can eat”.  We’ll keep your cup full of either our locally roasted, custom blend of coffee (both regular & decaf), or one of our wonderful Harney & Son’s teas.

Most mornings, we offer you a choice of dining locations (depending upon how many guests are in house), including one of our social dining rooms with a large common table in the Queen Victoria building or Prince Albert Hall, as well as our beautiful and opulent House of Royals dining room, which features a more intimate bistro dining option.  During the warmer months, you’re also welcome to dine on our Prince Albert Hall porch or in our beautiful garden dining area.

At afternoon tea, our guests gather on the wide porches in summer or in the cozy parlors in winter to sip tea, sample the sweets and savories that we prepare each day, and converse about their day.  Tea time is an excellent time to plan your evening dining and entertainment, often while browsing through the stack of restaurant menus we keep on hand for your convenience.  We’re always pleased to assist with recommendations and opinions, and we’re always happy to assist with reservations.

Look forward to:

  • Fresh squeezed orange juice, plus another choice of juice, never the same two days in a row!
  • Cereals: We feature our famous homemade granola, which we call “The Queen’s Oats”, plus a basket of cereals for you to select from.
  • Fresh fruit salad is prepared daily from a seasonal selection along with an assortment of whole fruits for your enjoyment each morning. There is also a bowl of Dannon vanilla yogurt for topping or layering with granola to make your own breakfast parfait.
  • Homemade muffins are hot from the oven and may be banana-chocolate chip or the ever-popular blueberry.
  • Toasting breads include a variety of Wolferman’s English muffins, freshly baked bagels, and an assortment of our popular homemade fruit and nut breads, served with cream cheese and the Queen’s delicious homemade strawberry jam.
  • Hot entrees always include one of our popular egg casseroles plus a side dish of a breakfast meat such as sausage or ham, or for variety, a fruit crisp.
  • Our locally roasted custom blend of coffee, both regular & decaf, is freshly brewed for you throughout breakfast each morning. If you prefer tea, you may choose from a wide variety of our premium Harney’s teas including black, herbal and decaffeinated. We’ll brew and serve your tea in your own pot, wrapped in one of our wonderful “tea cozies”, which keep it hot all morning long.
  • For those of you watching the “carbs”, hard-boiled eggs are available every morning.
  • Each day from 4 until 5:30 p.m., you are invited to join us for that civilized English tradition, afternoon tea. Our tempting tea-time menu includes at least three items to enjoy: a sweet, a savory and a “treat”, along with hot tea in the winter and iced teas in the summertime.
  • A sweet such as cream cheese frosted banana bars, cinnamon walnut shortbread, mint brownies or almond apricot triangles are popular. It’s no accident that there is a preponderance of chocolate in many of the sweets!
  • The savory is the British tradition of a non-sweet item at afternoon tea. Ours include our signature cheese spreads served with crackers, a spread with assorted veggies, or sliced fruits for variety.
  • The treat makes afternoon tea special. You can look forward to delicious treats such as chocolate cake with drizzled icing; puff pastry filled with smoked salmon, cucumber sandwiches, or freshly made scones with our popular homemade strawberry jam.

We proudly serve Harney’s Tea in the afternoon. Hot or iced, Harney’s flavors are delicate, not overpowering. You will notice the aroma of peach, vanilla, black currant or mango, all delicious whatever the temperature. Summertime iced tea served with fresh mint from our garden also includes an herbal tea-everyone’s favorite is Lemon Zinger. And remember, there are always seconds and even thirds available from the sideboard as you enjoy conversation with your new-found friends at our inn. Food and friendship go together at The Queen Victoria®. Bon appétit!