Cape May Weddings

A Great Place For Your Special Day


The Queen Victoria® has been the perfect venue for countless Cape May weddings over the years. Cape May is the 3rd leading destination wedding location in the United States! Forbes magazine named Cape May one of the 10 prettiest cities in America. It is certainly one of the most romantic, picturesque cities in the country. Only Hawaii (which is a state, of course) and Las Vegas (which is at the FAR other end of the romance spectrum) eclipse Cape May as a wedding destination. The Queen Victoria has the perfect location and gorgeous rooms you need, for your special day.

Last year, more than 400 couples came to Cape May to start their lives together. It is easy to understand why. You would be hard pressed to find a more romantic, charming and easy place to get to than The Queen Victoria for all Cape May weddings.

If you’re thinking of having a “destination wedding”, Cape May could very well be the ideal destination for you. Here’s why:

Location, Location, Location

Yes, location is everything, especially if your goal is to create some special, romantic and dramatic memories. Cape May, nestled at the nexus of the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, is an incredibly beautiful and romantic setting for your wedding, no matter if it is formal or casual. With hundreds of quaint, beautiful Victorian homes set on tree lined streets echoing the clip-clop sounds of horse drawn carriages, it is hard to imagine a more romantic setting for a wedding.

Beyond the beauty and romance of Cape May, is its close proximity to most of the population of the East Coast. When you’re bringing your friends and family with you to your destination wedding, it is nice to know that they can get to Cape May quickly from New York, Philadelphia (only 90 minutes away), Baltimore, Washington D.C. and everything in between. Convenience with no airfare, airport hassles, or rental cars involved!

The Wedding

If you are planning a small wedding (20 or so guests) in Cape May, then we would love to discuss the possibility of hosting your family and friends for your big day. Dozens of couples have started their lives together at The Queen Victoria®, sometimes holding their small ceremony in one of our parlors. More frequently, the wedding ceremony is held at one of our beautiful churches or on the beach (often with our parlor as a “rain plan”).

Rent the Building

One of the great things about destination weddings is that everybody is gathered together and they’re all staying at the same place. The energy and ambience that results creates lifelong memories. Imagine all the bridesmaids running up and down the halls between each other’s rooms while getting ready. You can almost see all the men gathering in the parlor or in the courtyard waiting for their beautiful ladies to appear. Picture the photographer (yeah, that was an intended pun) bouncing all over the building capturing memories for the bride and groom. For all of this to work, the bridal party really has to rent the entire building. If other guests of the inn are staying in the same building, it kind of ruins it (and makes the other guests really uncomfortable). So, when planning Cape May weddings at The Queen Victoria®, plan on renting at least one of our buildings. We have 3 main buildings to choose from, and if you book far enough ahead (at least a year for our May through mid-October season), you can have your choice. We usually recommend our House of Royals building.

The Honeymoon

Most of the couples that get married in Cape May, at least at The Queen Victoria®, stay for their honeymoon. Imagine how much more relaxing that would be than jumping on a plane the next day for a flight to your honeymoon destination (I’m speaking from experience, believe me). Besides, Cape May is the perfect honeymoon destination too!

Our Crown Jewel suite is the perfect room for a spectacular honeymoon. A separate cottage with two fireplaces, a playful 2-person shower, and a luxurious 2-person whirlpool tub, this large and comfortable suite is the perfect place to start your lives together. Many couples check in a couple of days early to work out all the details, and this wonderfully large comfortable room is a great “home base”. The King Edward and Regent’s Park suites are also great honeymoon suites!

Thank You

Many couples want to give their parents a special “Thank You” gift for helping with their wedding. If you’re struggling to come up with an appropriate “Thank You” for a wedding (whether you get married in Cape May or not), a Queen Victoria® Gift Certificate is always a good choice. Literally dozens of couples purchase gift certificates as a wedding “Thank You” from us every year. They’re always popular with the recipient.


One of the tricky things about destination weddings is the logistics of planning them. One of the great things about Cape May weddings is the abundance of resources available for planning your big day, including some really great wedding planners like Weddings by the Sea.


There are dozens of restaurants that cater to weddings all year long. Cape May is truly the dining capital of New Jersey.


Cape May boasts several top-notch photographers ready to assist you with your wedding.


The Queen Victoria® suggests Cape Winds Florist for your floral needs, but there are many great florists in and around town.

Does a horse-drawn carriage for the bride sound like a memorable way to start your wedding? How about a trolley for the wedding party? Want to release some doves? Yeah, you can do that here too.

How about lodging? A big part of what makes Cape May so special and romantic are the dozens of bed and breakfast inns sprinkled throughout the town. You might not be surprised to discover that we recommend The Queen Victoria® as the top  bed and breakfast.


If you’ve never been to Cape May before, please be sure to read our Cape May tourist information.