Cape May has long been established as a culinary mecca for food lovers on the East Coast. Here, there are exquisite restaurants, working vegetable and dairy farms, plus special events dedicated to locally harvested food. Visitors to Cape May remain impressed by this quaint Victorian town full of flavor and love of the culinary arts. That’s why we’re excited to highlight these Cape May culinary events in Fall 2021.

If you’re a traveling food lover, there are many culinary events (special and ongoing) to attend this Fall. We’re excited to highlight these top things to do, all of which honor delicious food in Cape May. 

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Date Specific Cape May Culinary Events Fall 2021


Harvest Dinner at Vintage BYOB | September 25 

Vintage BYOB Cape May at Night

Just around the corner enjoy a delicious Harvest Dinner in celebration of autumn! At this Harvest Dinner, you’ll delight in a four-course meal featuring a bounty of seasonal favorites. Plus, enjoy a wine tasting of specialty wines from Cape May Winery. This event is limited, and reservations required. On the grounds of the Emlen Physick Estate. 


West Cape May Lima Bean Festival | October 9

Join in on this fun event established to honor the hearty lima bean! At the West Cape May Lima Bean Festival enjoy locally prepared food, artesian crafts, and sweet lima bean keepsakes. All proceeds benefit the WCM Shade Tree Commission in its endeavor to maintain the beauty of Wilbraham Park. 


Taste of Cape May Kitchen Tour | October 16 

Easily one of the most anticipated events of the season, the Taste of Cape May Kitchen Tour pays homage to a host of talented family chefs residing in Cape May. This is your chance to see where these top cooks perfect delicious homemade confections. Tour magnificent Cape May homes with elaborately designed kitchens. This event also features a tasting at each location courtesy of Cape May commercial kitchens. 



On-going Cape May Culinary Events Fall 2021


The Queen Victoria Special Events 

Dining Table with Vast Array of Chocolate Baked Treats, Fruit and Artisan Chocolates

At The Queen Victoria, we customarily host semi-annual culinary events like our Big Cheesy Weekend, Chocolate Lovers Weekend, and wine tastings. As we move through the COVID era with caution, we look forward to once again welcoming guests to enjoy these special soirees. Stay tuned for updates as to when we’ll kick off a new season of cheese, chocolate, and wine sampling all. 


Magic & Mystery House Tour and Dinner and Vintage 

This fall, Vintage BYOB – one of Cape May’s most popular restaurants – invites guests to the Magic & Mystery House Tour. Here, learn about the Victorian Era – a very important time in Cape May history – and its ties to magic, illusion, the mysterious, and odd. Perfect for fall as Halloween approaches. 


Beach Plum’s Fall Farm-to-Table Dinner Series & Campfire Dinners 

For those who have not yet visited Beach Plum Farm, now is the time to do it. This fall, savor the farm-fresh flavors of their farm-to-table dinner series in a picturesque Cape May setting. Each dinner pays homage to Beach Plum Farm’s seasonal harvest and includes farm-raised meats, organic produce, and garden herbs, among other delicious accompaniments.  


Murder Mystery Dinner Cast in costumes 

Murder Mystery Dinners are among the most popular special events in Cape May. Each puts diners at the center of mystery as drama unfolds with every course. Join in on the fun with “The Trouble with Silver Spoons,” an original mystery written by Jacklyn Fazio. Isabella Duffield had everything handed to her. Now, that includes the family estate and large fortune as well. Can she learn how to play nice with others, or will her spoiled attitude land her in hot water?  


Additional culinary events in Cape May for 2021 can be found on the Cape May MAC website. Join us at The Queen Victoria this fall for these fun things to do and so much more.