Top 5 Reasons to Visit Cape May in September.

Summer has long been the most popular time to visit Cape May. In the high season, you’ll find busy beaches, a bustling downtown, and festive summer holiday events. But we’ve got a secret. While Cape May is a vibrant and fun summertime destination, September is a gem of a month to visit Cape May. In September, you’ll enjoy great weather, warm water, fewer crowds, fun weekend events, and much more. Let’s start with events. 

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Cape May Labor Day and September Events 

Cape May City and the surrounding county towns continue a schedule of fun events well into the fall. These events include: 

  • The Cape May Tomato Festival 
  • Harvest Brew Fest 
  • Exit Zero Jazz Festival 
  • Oktoberfest 

You can find out more about these events with a quick google search or by visiting the event website. also keeps a comprehensive events calendar that lists most local events.  


Summer Weather Continues 

Queen Victoria Beach Chairs on Cape May Beach

September in Cape May is gorgeous. Temperatures remain warm, the light is beautiful, and the air is crisp and clear. Plus, there are fewer visitors and that means more of everything for you. If you visit in the first half of the month, you can enjoy the beach just as you would in August. The second half of September may include a handful of cooler days that could have you skipping the beach, but these days are perfect for scenic walks, trips to wineries, shopping, and the like. Easy September activities: 

  • Beach 
  • Winery 
  • Shopping 
  • Outdoor dining 
  • Scenic Walk 


The Ocean is Still Very Warm 

It takes a while for the Atlantic to warm up after a long cold winter. Luckily, by September, it’s about as warm as it gets. Usually, it’s warmer in September than it is in June or July. This is a great time to lounge on the beach (you’ll have much of it to yourself) and splash around in the water. Be aware there are typically not lifeguards on duty after Labor Day so play it safe and read the daily weather/ocean report. 


Fewer Crowds and Lower Prices 

Cape May is less expensive in September and October. Enjoy great rates on hotels but book in advance as September is a popular time for weddings in Cape May. You won’t have to worry about things like beach passes or packed parking lots either. Plus, all the best places to eat and shop stay open well into the fall season. 


See the Monarch Butterflies 

close-up image of a monarch butterfly on purple flowers

Monarch Butterflies make their grand entrance in Cape May County beginning at the end of September. This precious species, which was officially classified as endangered in 2022, migrates across Southern New Jersey each year. Visit Cape May Meadows and Cape May Point for the best viewing and educational seminars about these butterflies and their migration. The 2500-mile journey is truly amazing if you really think about it. 

*As an important note, Monarch Butterflies are endangered. Take every precaution to not accidentally hurt or kill the butterflies. 

There you have it. The top five reasons to visit Cape May in September. Up next? October, which is also a lovely time to visit. Take a look at our booking calendar and plan your September trip to Cape May. We can’t wait to welcome you to The Queen Victoria.