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Cape May, NJ Tourism Links


Cape May, NJ Tourism Links

Need Cape May, NJ tourism information? Please reference the links below to learn more about Cape May and the Queen Victoria.

The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC) is a Cape May jewel, sponsoring most of the tours, activities and special events in Cape May. A visit to MAC’s is a must if you are planning a trip to Cape May.

We are proud to be a member of Select Registry® Distinguished Inns of North America. Member Inns are inspected and evaluated to assure that high standards are maintained for you.

We are often asked questions about restoration by guests who have just purchased an old house. After answering their questions to the best of our abilities, we always tell them to subscribe to The Old House Journal, a bible for anyone owning a pre-1920s house.

Up-to-date local weather is available at

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