Summer is just around the corner in Cape May, and that means great food, wine, unbeatable shopping, and – of course – outstanding theatre performances. Whether you’re an experienced critic or an every-so-often theatre-goer, the Cape May theatre scene has something for you. Don’t miss these upcoming Cape May theatre performances. 


Heisenberg | Cape May Stage | May 22 – June 21 

Heisenberg is a funny and surprising story about a chance encounter between an older Irish gentleman and a rowdy young woman from New Jersey. It was one of the most-produced play of 2018 with acclaimed reviews.  


Sylvia | Cape May Stage | June 26 – August 2  

After 22 years in the suburbs, Greg and Kate move back into Manhattan as empty-nesters to start the next chapter of their life. However, life throws them a curveball when a street-smart lab/poodle mix walks through the door. She quickly becomes a point of contention between the two, testing their marriage to hilarious and touching new limits.   


Summerland | East Lynn Theatre Company | June 12 – July 20 

This historical fiction mystery is based on real-life spirit photographer William H. Mumler. In 1869, many – including Mary Todd Lincoln – flocked to his studio to be photographed and see who showed up in the photo. While a detective is keen to prove him as a fraud, Mumler’s wife, a clairvoyant, digs into the detective’s past. This is only the third production of this riveting play.  


The Rainmaker | East Lynn Theatre Company | July 24 – August 31 

Set in the 1930s during the Great Depression with no rain in sight, The Rainmaker follows Starbuck, a man who claims he can make it rain for $100. There are some who believe he can do it, and some that don’t. This comedy-drama western started out as a one-act 1953 production for Philco Television Playhouse. The full two-act version was a smash hit on Broadway in 1954, starring Geraldine Page and Darrin McGavin. 


Sidekicked | Cape May Stage | August 7 – September 20 

Vivian Vance aka Ethel Mertz – America’s favorite sidekick to Lucile Ball in I Love Lucy – has a few things to get of her chest the light of filming. This new play gives a glimpse into the behind the scenes drama of “I Love Lucy” as well as incredible unheard stories from Vivian Vance’s extraordinary career.   


The Queen Victoria is ideally situated at the center of beautiful Cape May. We’re just steps away from several Cape May theatre venues such as the East Lynn Theatre Company and the Cape May Stage. To book your room, visit our Rates and Availability page. 


Performance list courtesy of East Lyn Theatre Company and Cape May Stage.