A cruise through the Queen Victoria gift shop is just one of many things you can enjoy during your stay. Actually, we recommend a quick visit to our shop before others in the area because we offer an excellent selection of gifts in Cape May.

Our shop features commemorative souvenirs, Queen Victoria Christmas ornaments, hats, insulated beverage bottles, our signature cookbook, and more. Each is a great take-away to remember your visit or share with loved ones.

Featured Cape May Gifts at The Queen Victoria


Queen Victoria Baseball Hat

New this year, we now offer a selection of Queen Victoria baseball caps perfect for keeping the sun off your face and out of your eyes, during your stay and after. Embroidered with gold thread on black canvass, these hats are functional and stylish.


Queen Victoria Insulated Beverage Bottle

Our new insulated beverage bottles are not only handsome and sleek, but they’re also outstanding at keeping both hot and cold beverages at optimal temperatures. We’re sure, no matter the commute, your coffee will still be hot when you go to work. As good as they are at keeping drinks warm, they’re even better at keeping drinks cold. Your water – or beverage of choice – is guaranteed to stay cold for hours.


Queen Victoria Robes

Over the years, our Queen Victoria robes have been very popular gift items. They’re comfortable, light, and cozy. Plus, this year, we’re working with a new supplier, and now our robes are better than ever. Take one or two home and enjoy a little of the Queen Victoria all year long.

Queen Victoria Cookbook

One of our most popular gift shop items is the Queen Victoria Cookbook. Originally published in 1992, the first edition of the Queen Victoria Cookbook sold over 15,000 copies. In 2009 we published a second edition that includes full-color photos. The second edition outlines almost every recipe we serve at the inn.

Our cookbook features instructions on how to make 80+ breakfast and teatime treats. Each recipe is easy and elegant, making them perfect for entertaining. Hosting a large group isn’t easy – especially if you’re hoping to enjoy your guests. That’s why most of our recipes can be prepared ahead and kept on a warm buffet.

Other recipes for bread, cookies and spreads actually benefit from being prepared in advance or frozen and refrigerated. Most – even our bread and cookie recipes – serve more than four people.

There you have it. We hope you enjoyed this brief highlight of some of our top items in the Queen Victoria Gift Shop. We invite you to explore and enjoy everything our shop has to offer. Feel free to contact us with any questions.