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Queen Victoria Gift Certificates!






Are you still searching for that PERFECT gift for your loved one(s)?  A gift certificate to The Queen Victoria may be just the thing.
                Think about it, a Queen Victoria Gift Certificate really IS the perfect gift:
* It is incredibly easy to buy (online or over the phone)
                * It is guaranteed to fit
                * The color will be perfect
                * They won’t look fat in it
                * You don’t have to search for a parking space at the mall to buy it
                * You won’t have to wrap it
                * We won’t tempt you to sign up for our credit card (we don’t have one)
                * You won’t have to wait in lines or listen to Christmas music
                * Your loved one will LOVE it! (now and when it is used)
                * You’ll get to enjoy it too! (this one probably doesn’t apply to purchases for parents, children or friends)

Call Us Today!

We’ll put this high quality, nicely packaged certificate in the mail right away, in plenty of time for Christmas.
                Important Purchasing Tip: If you’re concerned about getting the certificate in time, purchase it on our website at the link below and ask for a high-quality certificate to be mailed to you.  That way, even if there is a delay with the mail, you’ll have the e-mail version to give as a gift on Christmas.

Thanks to all of you who have already made The Queen Victoria a part of your Christmas tradition, either by purchasing gift certificates or with a visit to The Queen Victoria this December.

Merry Christmas!


              Doug and Anna Marie McMain

The Queen Victoria

                (609) 884-8702