Newsletter | October 2018


The Joys of Fall

 One of the many joys of the season are the various migrations that pass through Cape May.  In addition to the Monarch butterflies that are migrating through Cape May in great numbers this year, there are literally dozens of other species as well, including dragonflies, black skimmers, and nearly every raptor residing in the northeast.


Millions of visitors come to Cape May to "bird watch" every year, making it one of the premier destinations in the country for that activity.  The epicenter of that activity in the Fall is the "Hawk Watch" platform located in the Cape May Point State Park, home of the Cape May Lighthouse.  Every day you'll find devotees diligently counting raptors passing overhead, which literally number in the thousands.  It is exciting, even for the uninitiated (like me!).


At this same location you'll also find naturalists banding monarchs in order to track them on their journey down to Mexico.  It is a fascinating experience.


It turns out that not every day is a good day for bird watching, but as one of our long time guests mentioned to me this morning at breakfast, even if it is a bad day for bird watching, you're still in Cape May, where there are so many wonderful things to do.  It is hard to argue with that logic!



We're always happy to assist you

find the best possible room for the dates you want to visit, or the best dates for the room you want to stay in. Call us at (609) 884-8702 to get started, or click the link below to reserve your room.






Best of Cape May 2018


Anna Marie and I want to give a big THANK YOU to all of you who cast your ballots for The Queen Victoria, voting us 


Best Bed and Breakfast


for the 11th straight year in the "Best of Cape May" contest.


We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in this ballot.  More importantly, we appreciate you choosing The Queen Victoria as your "go to" destination in Cape May.  




Select Registry Rewards 


The Queen Victoria has long been a member of a prestigious organization called Select Registry, 



which has a rewards program that our guests can participate in.  Every night you stay with us, or any of the other member properties throughout North America, earns you one of the twelve points needed to receive a $100 reward.


Select Registry just changed the way that this program is administered, and we wanted to explain the changes to you.  The rewards themselves remain the same, it is simply the manner in which you interface with the rewards program that has changed.


On 10/1/18, we installed our new rewards kiosk in our gift shop, where you can register, claim nights stayed, and redeem rewards, all during your visit to The Queen Victoria.  In fact, all rewards activity related to your visit to The Queen Victoria MUST be done on our kiosk during your stay.


If you've already been participating in the rewards program, then you should have been notified by Select Registry about the change, and all of your points should have been transferred to your new account, which is based upon your cell phone number.  To claim your nights for your stay, simply visit our kiosk, log in with your cell phone number, and enter the number of nights you're staying with us.


If you have accumulated 12 nights of stays, but not yet received a printed reward certificate (which are still honored, but will no longer be issued), then visit our kiosk before you check in, redeem your reward, and claim your nights for that visit, all at the same time.


If you aren't yet participating, then you can easily and quickly create a new account on the kiosk, and start earning points immediately by claiming the number of nights of your visit.



Room of The Month

Princess Victoria


The Princess Victoria room is a beautiful large standard room located on the 2nd floor of the House of Royals building.  It has a queen size, four poster canopy bed, a comfortable love seat for seating, and a large bathroom with a comfortable step-in shower. One of its most popular features is the private balcony with beautiful views of both the ocean and the Queen Victoria building across the street.  The balcony is the perfect place for a serene cup of coffee in the morning, or glass of wine at sunset.


The 2nd floor location in the House of Royals building means that the pantry is conveniently located just a few steps from the room.






"234" Discount Package


The cooler weather in Cape May brings with it some serious savings opportunities at The Queen Victoria.  Our most popular discount package is the "234", which starts in November.  Many of you are well aware of this money saving offer, but I thought our newer guests might be excited to learn about it too.


The 234 package is a 2 night weeknight discount package offered Sunday through Thursday, starting November 1st and running all the way through the end of April.  Specifically, in includes 2 nights in a Standard room for $234 ($117/night).  Similar savings are available for our larger rooms as well, at a slightly higher price.  Reservations for this package can also be expanded to as many as 5 nights at the same discounted rate.


This really is a great deal, which I'm sure every Cape May lover (and Queen Victoria lover) will find hard to resist.


* This package is not offered during the week of Christmas





Upcoming Events & Activities

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Weekend(s)

Oct 26-28 & Nov 2-4


The Sherlock Holmes Mystery Weekends are always wonderfully fun events.  They are the type of event that guests often return for year after year.  Join Sherlock & Holmes as they solve an interesting "new" Sherlock Holmes Mystery.  



You'll start your weekend on Friday night with the 1st act of a stage presentation, where you'll be introduced to the mystery and the characters.  On Saturday you'll tour several Cape May bed and breakfasts searching for clues, along with the cast of the play, in character.  While you're searching for clues, consult with Sherlock, Holmes, or any of the others to see if you can solve the mystery.  On Saturday night its back to the stage for the 2nd act, which will leave you still wondering exactly "who dunnit".  At lunch on Sunday you'll turn in your solution and the final solution will be revealed.  There are prizes for best solution, "Clueless Wonder", and best costume (yes, you're encouraged to dress the part, but it is not required).  Here is the mystery you'll be solving this year ...



"The Case of a Siren's Call"

(A new mystery by John K. Alvarez)


A gathering of successful writers descends upon the city of London to compete for the literary, “Siren Call” award. The evening event has a list of distinguished nominees ranging from the Gothic writer Selene Gundren to popular Dr. John Watson.  When a murder occurs and his close associates are in peril, Holmes sails in to face the threat. But will he be enough?



Cape May Restaurant Weekend

Nov 1-4


If you love the Cape May dining scene, and who doesn't, then you're going to be excited about this event.  The first weekend of each November, restaurants from all over Cape May and the surrounding area offer a wonderful 3-course dinner experience for only $35.


So far 18 of Cape May's finest restaurants and taverns have signed up for the event, with more expected along the way.


Cape May Restaurant Weekend is a great reason to plan a trip to Cape May.  Amazing dining is almost always one the the big things that draw visitors to Cape May.  Between the lower rates that we offer in November and the great discount pricing for dining, how could you possibly resist making a visit to Cape May to experience this event?


Check Out the Restaurants




Chocolate Lover's Weekend

(and Christmas Preview Weekend)

Nov 16-17


It's Back!  We're excited to bring this wonderful new event back to The Queen Victoria after debuting it on a sold out Mother's Day weekend back in May.  It was wildly popular and a huge success, which is hardly surprising given the almost universal affinity for chocolate.


Most of us love chocolate.  Most of us avoid the frequent consumption of chocolate, but every once in a while we all deserve a little indulgence.  The good news is that chocolate is good for you!  Yes, chocolate is high in antioxidants, making it healthy as well as tasty.  We want to contribute to your good health, of course.


As you can see, we'll be serving lots of specialty chocolates (on the right), chocolate baked goods (left), and goodies that are fun to drizzle with chocolate (no dipping in a public setting!).  What you can't see are the 6 pots of melted chocolates that were on the buffet.  Last time we did dark chocolate, milk chocolate and mint chocolate.  I'm thinking that we'll be a little more creative with those melted chocolates this time.  We'll surprise you!


We still have availability for that weekend, which also happens to be Christmas Preview Weekend in Cape May,

so start making your plans to join us for this tasty, healthy, and fun weekend!




Christmas in Cape May

Nov 16 thru Jan 1


You can tell from this picture that Christmas is a very special time in Cape May.  Not only is it beautiful, but there are also many wonderful tours and activities to enjoy.


Christmas starts early in Cape May, with the "Christmas Preview Weekend" (and Tree Lighting Ceremony) the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It goes strong right through the end of the year.


Like the other events I've shared with you today, there is a long list of activities to tempt you during Christmas ...


  • Candlelight House Tours
  • Brunch, Bingo & Lace
  • Cape May Wine School
  • Chef's Dine-Around
  • Chocolate Lover's Feast
  • Mad Batter Holiday Wine Dinners
  • East Lynne Theater Company stage productions
  • Cheery Cherry House Christmas Tour
  • Christmas Traditions Lecture
  • Combination Trolley/Physick Family Christmas House Tour
  • "An Old-Fashioned Christmas" Exhibit
  • Dickens Christmas Extravaganza
  • Evening Yuletide Tour
  • Evening Yuletide House Tour
  • Physick Family Christmas House Tours 
  • Ghosts of Christmas Past Trolley Rides
  • Holiday Crafts Fair
  • Holiday Lights Trolley Rides
  • Holiday Inns Tours
  • Lamplighter Christmas Tours