Newsletter | November 2018


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Christmas is most assuredly coming to Cape May.  I can attest to this, because we have been busy decorating The Queen Victoria for Christmas for a couple of weeks now.  Believe it or not, we're only about 1/2 way there.  It usually takes us about a month to decorate all of our buildings, inside and out, transforming them into the Christmas wonderland that they become at the end of each year.


Admittedly, Christmas arrives a little earlier in Cape May than in most places.  The Christmas preview weekend is always the weekend before Thanksgiving, and we are always completely decorated on the outside by then.  If you just took a quick peak at the Calendar, then you've figured out that we'll be flipping the switch on our Christmas lights this coming Friday!


We always complete all of our decorating by Thanksgiving, which is obviously just around the corner.  We like to give our guests that spend Thanksgiving with us the extra treat of our Christmas decorations.  I'm pretty sure that even those die-hard traditionalists, who won't consider decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, enjoy it.  It really is wonderful.


I'll be telling you more about all of our upcoming celebrations in the coming articles, as well as some great special discount packages and exciting upcoming events.  For those of you who always thought Cape May was just a summer place, buckle up and get ready for a ride.  Lots of truly knowledgeable guests will tell you that the upcoming season is one of the best times to visit Cape May and The Queen Victoria.



We're always happy to assist you

find the best possible room for the dates you want to visit, or the best dates for the room you want to stay in. Call us at (609) 884-8702 to get started, or click the link below to reserve your room.






Gift Certificate Season 


Yes, Gift Certificate Season is once again upon us.


Now, I have to start by pointing out that any day there is an important celebration where gifts are appropriate for a loved one is a great day for a Queen Victoria gift certificate.  It just so happens that Christmas is the biggest gift-giving day of the year, making the coming weeks the Gift Certificate Season.


As consumers, you obviously have an almost endless list of 



gift certificate options to consider, but if you think deeply about it, I'm confident that you'll conclude that the best of all possible gift certificates is one from The Queen Victoria.  There are so many reasons this is true.


  • Easy to purchase online or over the phone
  • The recipient of your gift is sure to love your gift
  • It is the gift that keeps giving ... your loved one will be excited about their visit to The Queen Victoria when they receive their certificate, when they plan and book their visit, as they anticipate their trip, and when they are actually at The Queen Victoria, enjoying your generosity
  • If you give it to your significant other, then you get to enjoy it as well!
  • You could give one to somebody every single year, maybe more than once a year, and they'll never mind receiving another one


Now that you've decided that you're ready to purchase a gift certificate or two, the rest is easy. 


Call us at (609) 884-8702 or purchase one on our website by Clicking Here.  


There are obviously many weeks for you to complete your Christmas shopping, and we'll even be able to get a certificate to you electronically at the very last minute, but I'm thinking there is no reason to delay.  Think of the satisfaction of knowing that your big gift decision has been made and your gift is in-hand.  What a great way to avoid the Christmas Shopping stress!



Room of The Month



I call Bloomsbury our "Happy Room".  I'm not sure if this photo will inspire the same feeling, but every single time I walk into this room, I experience a cheerful, happy feeling.  I usually share that story with guests when I discover they are staying with us in that room, and they quite often confirm the same thing.


Bloomsbury is our largest "standard" room, making it our best value at The Queen Victoria (especially if you consider the whole "happy" thing).  It is located on the 2nd floor of the Prince Albert Hall building, on the 


front side of the house.  As you can see, there are a lot of windows in the room, which makes it very bright (and cheerful, of course).  The bathroom is also generously sized, with a window of its own, and features a 1-person whirlpool bathtub with integrated shower.  The romantic 4 poster canopy bed is home to a comfortable queen sized bed.


If you've already stayed in Bloomsbury, then you're probably already a fan.  If not, then I highly recommend it.






Discount Packages


The cooler weather in Cape May brings with it some serious savings opportunities at The Queen Victoria.  Last month I told you about the "234" package.  This time I'm including the "Winter Escape".


Winter Escape

The Winter Escape package is available for reservations between January 1, 2019, and March 31, 2019, and includes a Large Standard room for any 2 nights for $350 (plus tax).  The package also features some "value added" elements, including a complimentary cheese platter and a free beer tasting at the Cold Springs Brewery.  This is the only deep discount package we offer at The Queen Victoria which includes weekends, and virtually all guests who book it take advantage of that.  Cold Springs Brewery is only open Thursday through Sunday during the winter months, so keep that in mind as you plan your visit.  Though the package includes Large Standard rooms, you can upgrade to larger, more expensive rooms and enjoy similar savings. 


* Package pricing is not available for Friday & Saturday of President's Day/Valentine's Day weekend (Feb 15 & 16).



The 234 package is a 2 night weeknight discount package offered Sunday through Thursday, starting November 1st and running all the way through the end of April.  Specifically, it includes 2 nights in a Standard room for $234 ($117/night).  Similar savings are available for our larger rooms as well, at a slightly higher price.  Reservations for this package can also be expanded to as many as 5 nights at the same discounted rate.


This really is a great deal, which I'm sure every Cape May lover (and Queen Victoria lover) will find hard to resist.


* This package is not offered on Thanksgiving or from 12/23 through 12/31 of 2018




Upcoming Events & Activities


Chocolate Lover's Weekend

Nov 16-17

Jan 25-26, 2019

May 10-11, 2019


Anna Marie and I have been busy fine tuning our plans for our 2nd ever Chocolate Lover's Weekend coming up THIS WEEKEND!  We debuted this event last Mother's Day weekend, and it was wildly popular for everyone with reservations that weekend.  This one will be even better!


Most of us love chocolate.  Most of us probably avoid the frequent consumption of chocolate, but every once in a while we all deserve a little indulgence.  The good news is that chocolate is good for you!  Yes, chocolate is high in antioxidants, especially dark chocolate, making it healthy as well as tasty.  We want to contribute to your good health, of course.


As you can see, we'll be serving lots of specialty chocolates (on the right, we'll have 6 instead of 5 this time), chocolate baked goods (to the left), and goodies that are fun to drizzle with chocolate (no dipping in a public setting!).  What you can't see are the 6 pots of melted chocolates that were on the buffet.  This time we're spicing things up a bit by offering some new flavors, including Dark Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Orange Dark Chocolate, Cherry Dark Chocolate, and Sea Salt Caramel.  I can hardly wait to try them all!


We have limited availability for this weekend still, which also happens to be Christmas Preview Weekend in Cape May, so start making your plans to join us for this tasty, healthy, and fun weekend!


If you can't break free from your real life this weekend, start making plans for January 25-26, when we'll be doing this again!  


Insider Tip:  Purchase a reservation for Jan 25-26, and give it to your loved one for Christmas or Valentine's Day.




Christmas in Cape May

Nov 16 thru Jan 1


You can tell from this picture that Christmas is a very special time in Cape May.  Not only is it beautiful, but there are also many wonderful tours and activities to enjoy.


Christmas starts early in Cape May, with the "Christmas Preview Weekend" (This Weekend, featuring the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony) the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It goes strong right through the end of the year.


Christmas is the biggest event of the year in Cape May, and there is a long list of activities to tempt you during the Christmas season ...


  • Candlelight House Tours
  • Brunch, Bingo & Lace
  • Cape May Wine School
  • Chef's Dine-Around
  • Chocolate Lover's Feast
  • Mad Batter Holiday Wine Dinners
  • East Lynne Theater Company stage productions
  • Cheery Cherry House Christmas Tour
  • Christmas Traditions Lecture
  • Combination Trolley/Physick Family Christmas House Tour
  • "An Old-Fashioned Christmas" Exhibit
  • Dickens Christmas Extravaganza
  • Evening Yuletide Tour
  • Evening Yuletide House Tour
  • Physick Family Christmas House Tours 
  • Ghosts of Christmas Past Trolley Rides
  • Holiday Crafts Fair
  • Holiday Lights Trolley Rides
  • Holiday Inns Tours
  • Lamplighter Christmas Tours



Dickens Extravaganza

Dec 2-4


Join world-renowned lecturer on Charles Dickens, Dr. Elliot Engel, and immerse yourself in the storied world of Dickens with lectures and performances offered daily. Engel’s mini-lecture series on Dickens ran on PBS television stations around the country and his articles have appeared in national newspapers and magazines including Newsweek. Also featured are lectures by members of the Philadelphia Dickens Fellowships. Included in the Extravaganza is a Dickensian-style feast.



Dr. Engel will speak on “Geniuses Like Dickens But In Three Different Fields"

  • The ARTISTIC Genius:  Leonardo de Vinci
  • The BUSINESS Genius:  The VANDERBILTS:  All Of Them
  • The PIRATE Genius:  Blackbeard!

Other programs include a Discussion of David Copperfield led by Ellie Dunn, “The Music in Dickens’ Novels” by Rich Chiemingo , “General and President Ulysses S. Grant” by Joe Rondinelli and "A Washington Irving Christmas" by Jack Denys.


All lectures will be held at Cape May Stage. The Dickensian Feast on Tuesday will be held at Union Park Dining Room.  Be sure to bring a bottle of your favorite wine or beer, as it is a BYOB restaurant.


Bonus for Queen Victoria Guests!

Anna Marie and I treat all of our guests who are participating in the event to a complimentary "Welcome Dinner" at the Merion Inn on Sunday night.  We also host a special holiday reception during Afternoon Tea on Monday afternoon (a BYOB event).



Celebrating the New Year at The Queen Victoria


New Year's weekend is always a big deal at The Queen Victoria.  The inn is filled with guests seeking a fun, low-key way to celebrate the New Year.  Many of our New Year's guests are frequent visitors to The Queen Victoria, which should tell you something.


This year the New Year arrives on a Tuesday, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a couple of relaxing, enjoyable nights at The Queen Victoria starting on Sunday, December 30.  You're more than welcome to stretch it out and enjoy the entire weekend of course!


Though we don't host any New Year's events at The Queen Victoria, the town is full of celebration venues for New Year's Eve, offering you many options that fit your style and preference.