Subject: News from The
Queen Victoria

Planning for the Holidays!
Requesting Guest Photos!

Many of you have commented to me about our “Guest
Photos” page on our website. More accurately, you’ve
asked how long it will be “coming soon”, as it has been
months since we launched our site and not a picture has
been posted. Well, I’ve been procrastinating long
enough. Now that I’m ready to start posting pictures I
need … PICTURES.

If you’ve got some great photos of your stay at The
Queen Victoria that you would like to share with the
world, email them to me. Whether it is a picture of The
Queen Victoria, a picture of you, a picture of you at
The Queen Victoria, or a great picture of your favorite
location in Cape May, send it in. I think this will be a
lot of fun.

Please email your photos to and keep an eye on our

Thanksgiving in Cape May

Thanksgiving is a great time to come to The Queen
Victoria. With the long weekend and our attractive
Thanksgiving package, it is a perfect way to spend the

Many people find themselves without a Thanksgiving
destination due to families traveling or spending the
holiday with in-laws, etc. The Queen Victoria is the
perfect place to come for a friendly, warm, and
memorable holiday when you can’t be with your family. OR
… if your family is a little spread out and you want
to all get together someplace “neutral” (where nobody
has to cook!), we’re good for that too!

Christmas in Cape May

Christmas at The Queen Victoria is a long, proud
tradition. With parties, receptions, wonderful dining,
lots of friendly, warm guests and some surprises by our
little “elves”, The Queen Victoria is the very
definition of Christmas.

Lots of folks talk about Cape May during the
holidays. The town IS beautiful in its Christmas finery.
If you really want to experience Christmas in Cape May
though, then you really have to come during Christmas.
If you’re looking for the perfect place away from home
to spend Christmas, give us a call. You’ll be happy that
you did.

25th Annual Cape May Dickens
Extravaganza Dec 3-5

Yes, it is coming back by popular demand. The Dickens
Extravaganza is a proud tradition in Cape May and at The
Queen Victoria. We are exited about this year’s event
and all the new things added to it to make it more fun
than ever.

With banquets, theatrical presentations and readings,
wine tastings and tours, as well as some interesting
scholarly review, this year’s event promises to be

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Can you imagine opening up an envelope and pulling
out a certificate for a stay at The Queen Victoria? That
is how your loved ones will feel when they open up the
certificate that you give them!

A gift certificate to The Queen Victoria really is
the perfect gift. They always fit, they are sure to
please, and they take only minutes to buy (no trip to
the mall is required!). What better gift for those
people you love that really do have every “thing” they

Upcoming Events (wow … there are
LOTS of them)

  • Victorian A to Z exhibit Sep 15 to Jan 1 2007
  • Chocolate Fantasy Buffet Nov 18
  • Holiday Preview Weekend Nov 18 – 19
  • Dinner with Ghosts of Christmas Past Nov 17
  • Cape May wine school (Country French) Nov 19
  • Thanksgiving at The Queen Victoria Nov 23 – 24
  • Holiday Crafts Fair Nov 24 – 25
  • Christmas Candlelight Tours Dec 2, 9, 16
  • Holiday Traditions Workshop & Lunch
  • Dickens Christmas Extravaganza Dec 3 – 5
  • Holiday Cooking School & Lunch Dec 9
  • Cape May wine school (Barefoot contessa of Bubbly)
    Dec 17
  • Christmas at The Queen Victoria Dec 24 – 25
  • Holiday Chef’s Dine-Around Dec 28


As MANY of you know, Christmas in Cape May is very special.
We’ve started decorating for the season, so we’re already
getting excited about it. I hope that we’ll get to see you
here for the holidays!

The Queen Victoria in lights

Cape May is a Christmas wonderland every year, and
much of the town is brightly lit for the holidays. I may
be biased, but I think that our little corner of Cape
May is the brightest, prettiest part of town.

Featured “Room of the Month”

As promised, we’re continuing our “Featured Room of
the Month” with our third entry. Everybody loves to peak
into all the rooms, so we’re just making it easy for
you. This is one of our most popular rooms … The Queen
Victoria room

If you are going to name one of your rooms after your
inn, it had better be something special. Believe it or
not, most guests that check into this room say that the
picture doesn’t do it justice. I agree. If you want a
large room with wonderful Victorian charm, then you will
love the Queen Victoria room. This wonderful 1st floor
room boasts a king sized bed (one of three in the entire
inn), an amazing armoir, a wonderful clawfoot tub, and a
lovely sitting area with antique chairs. Staying in this
room will be a special experience for

Think Mid-Week !

Most of our Fall and Winter guests plan their trips
to The Queen Victoria for a weekend. This makes sense,
of course, when you are out of vacation or limited in
when you can get away. If you can be more flexible,
however, you might want to think about coming mid-week.

We’ve always offered week-night discounts ($40/night
discount), but this year we’ve come up with a few
specials that are really becoming popular. We’ve tried
to come up with some fun, interesting and money saving
ways to enjoy The Queen Victoria. Be sure to check out
our new seasonal specials today (you’ll be glad you

“Two for Two”

“Gourmet Getaway”

“Tour the Town”

Tea Anyone?

When was the last time you stopped everything and
made your way to tea? It was probably the last time you
visited with us at The Queen Victoria. High Tea is a
wonderful way to relax for a few minutes and start
thinking about what the evening might bring.

If you are suffering from a “tea withdrawl” after
reading this, then you probably need to plan your next
visit to The Queen Victoria. My advice to you is to call
as soon as possible and make a reservation. There really
is no other cure for what you’re

2nd Best Christmas gift idea

When we incorporated the Queen’s Hotel into the bed
& breakfast we made every room’s Queen Victoria
throw obsolete. We ordered new ones for all 32 rooms
with the new name “House of Royals”. So what do we do
with the 32 throws that still say Queen’s Hotel?

Sell them cheap, of course. That’s right, you can
purchase one of these limited edition collectors items
for your loved ones for only $29.95 (plus shipping). Our
new throws cost $59.95 in our gift shop, so you’ll save
$30 on your purchase. If your significant other or any
other family member or friend loves The Queen Victoria,
then this might be just the gift you’ve been looking

Stay & Play … Still

Last year we introduced our Stay & Play package,
which was so popular we decided to do it again. If you
love great theatre in a cozy setting (i.e. small
theatre), you’ll love Cape May stage. If you’ve been to
a Cape May Stage production, you know that the acting is
incredible. If you haven’t gone before, you need to do
it this year.

Reserve a room at The Queen Victoria for 4 nights
over a weekend, or 3 nights mid-week, and we’ll be happy
to provide you with complimentary tickets to the Cape
May Stage. Just mention it to us when you call to book
your room.

Doug & Anna Marie’s Restaurant
Pick Of The Month … Union Park

So you think you’ve been to all of Cape May’s finest
restaurants. Not unless you’ve been to Union Park.
Tucked away inside the Hotel Macomber on beach avenue,
Union Park is arguably Cape May’s most elegant dining
room, with some of the best food you’ll find anywhere.

Anna Marie and I love Union Park. This is where we go
when we want a beautiful, quiet and romantic night out.
Anna Marie’s favorite dish at Union Park is the Filet.
This classic has a red zinfandel glaze, served with
truffel oil, and potatoes. You can add a lobster tail if
you want to make it a surf and turf night. I’ve got a
couple of favorites, but I’m recommending the Duck
Breast. Just writing about the soy lacquered duck served
over a bed of mushroom risotto (I LOVE risotto), with
spinach is making my mouth water. Yours too probably!
Next time you come to Cape May, consider Union

Make your reservations today for a romantic getaway at The
Queen Victoria B&B. We are looking forward to helping you
plan your next visit!


Doug & Anna Marie McMain, Innkeepers

The Queen Victoria B&B

phone: 609-884-8702