Cove Beach Afternoon
March 2014
Spring Arrives in Cape May

Winter is now officially over and Mother Nature seems to be going along with that for the most part, giving us some warmer weather and bright sunny days.  The blooms are popping up all over The Queen Victoria grounds and we’re all thinking Spring!

It seems that many of you are also thinking Summer lately, as we’ve been taking LOTS of reservations for the summer in the last few weeks.  It isn’t too late to reserve your summer visit to The Queen Victoria, but I suggest you start getting serious about it.  Remember, “he who hesitates is lost” (I don’t know who originally said that, but I love the quote and couldn’t resist using it).

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Discount Packages

hourglass on the beach Time is running out for you to take advantage of our great Winter Discount packages!

Our discount offers end at the end of April, so you only have a little over a month to save big on a stay at The Queen Victoria.

The packages remaining are great, though, and you’ll not want to miss them if you are planning a spring get-away to The Queen Victoria:

  • Winter Escape (through 3/31/14) 
  • 222 Package (through 4/30/14) 
  • Gourmet Getaway (through 4/30/14) 

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Singer Songwriter Cape May (7th Annual)
March 28-29SS Cape May

The annual March Singer Songwriter event is a great excuse for a trip to Cape May.  Where else can you escape to that offers you everything that Cape May has AND free concerts all over town for 2 nights?  Seriously, this is a great event.

This year there will be 150 performers featured in 18 different Cape May venues for 2 straight nights.  Can’t you just picture yourself cruising from venue to venue all over town, catching the shows that pique your interest, all for free?  Sure, there are 2 headline acts that you have to pay to see, but you’re assured of a lot of great, free music too.

These performers come from all of the country, seeking to break into the big time.  There will be promoters and agents attending too, looking for the next big thing.  Maybe you’ll see the next superstar in Cape May before they hit it big!

April Birthdays Party
April 12

Birthdays Party So you’ve got a birthday to celebrate coming up in April; maybe your loved one (spouse, partner, sister/brother, or even parent), or perhaps your own.  You’ve been struggling with a great gift or a fun way to celebrate the milestone.  May I suggest a weekend at The Queen Victoria?

Though I’m admittedly a little biased, I honestly can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to spend the weekend at The Queen Victoria and attend our April Birthdays Party.  We’re going to have cake and balloons.  We’re going to sing Happy Birthday in 13 different languages (OK, that is an exaggeration.  Just English)  We’re even going to have party favors to share with everyone attending.  We won’t be blowing out candles, however, because that is just a little too much sharing.

Maybe you don’t have any April birthdays coming up, but love to attend Birthday parties.  That works for us.  Everyone staying with us for the evening is welcome to join in the fun.

Spring Festival

April 25 through May 4
Every April Cape May blooms along with all of the beautiful flowers when the Spring Festival returns.  We always look forward to the Spring Festival, with all the fun events scheduled.  This is a week-long event with lots of fun things to do every day!  Here are a few of them:

Best of all, most of this festival is held during the last week of our “Special Package Season”, so you can save LOTS of money on your room at The Queen Victoria. 

Exit 0 Jazz Festival
May 30 – June 1

Exit 0 Jazz For years the Cape May Jazz Festival was a staple of the Fall & Spring Cape May scene.  That festival is no longer, but I’m pleased to say that the Exit 0 Jazz Festival, which was born the week after Hurricane Sandy struck in 2012, is bigger and better than the Cape May Jazz Festival ever was.

Better yet, after a very successful 2013 Fall event, they are rolling out their first (late) Spring event.  It is shaping up to be the biggest, best Jazz festival to ever play in Cape May. 

There are some really great headliners scheduled for the big events, which includes a new Sunday show in both the afternoon & evening.  Also new is an outdoor show at the Emlen Physick Estate, featuring a wine/beer tent, food vendors and more.  Truly a festival atmosphere.  It will be a really cool event.

Passes are available for both 2 days and 3 days, and I’ve got to say they are priced right.  Since we’re one of the Festival’s Hospitality partners, you’ll be able to purchase them directly from us if you wish (same price).

Do you want another reason to attend? Cape May Restaurant week starts that Sunday.  If you love Jazz and are looking for a great weekend, I suggest you plan a 3 night visit to The Queen Victoria, enjoy some great music and good times, and cap your weekend off with an amazing meal at Restaurant Week prices on Sunday.

Would it be too corny to say that I’m really “Jazzed” about this?

Check Out the Details

7th Annual Cape May Restaurant Week
June 1-8 “8 nights, 3 courses

One of the great things about Cape May is the abundance of wonderful restaurants.  The only way to improve on the restaurant scene in Cape May is to make it more affordable, which I’m pleased to say is going to happen in June.  We all love a discount, right?

Every year many of Cape May’s finest restaurants come together to participate in this dining extravaganza.  Each one will be offering a 3 course fixed price dinner for either $25 or $35, or both.  Many restaurants also offer a two course lunch special for $15 during the week as well.

If you appreciate fine dining and are looking for a tasty time to visit Cape May, this may be perfect for you!

Upcoming Events

Great Reasons to Return to The Queen Victoria

  • Singer Songwriter Cape May Mar 28-29
  • April Birthdays Party Apr 12  
  • Spring Festival April Apr 25- May 4
  • Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. with the No Vacancy Orchestra May 4 
  • Music Festival May 25 – Jun 12
  • Doug & Anna Marie’s 10th QV anniversary celebration May 26 
  • Exit 0 Jazz Festival May 30 – Jun 1  
  • An Evening with Groucho Jun 7
  • 3rd Annual Tribute to George Mesterhazy Jun 8 
  • Restaurant Week Jun 1-8 
  • Craft Beer & Crab Festival Aug 9-10  
  • Food & Wine Festival Sep 13-21
  • Victorian Weekend Oct 10-13
  • Lessons of History Lecture Oct 12 
  • Sherlock Holmes Mystery Weekend Nov 7-9
  • Exit Zero Jazz Festival (Fall) Nov 7-9 

Room of The Month
Benjamin Disraeli
Last month I featured the Lilly Langtry room, mentioning it was one of the standard rooms available with our “222” discount package (2 nights in a “Standard Room” for $222, plus tax).  Since this special is running for another month, all the way through April, I thought I’d share another great standard room with you this month.

Benjamin Disraeli is my favorite standard room in the Queen Victoria building.  It is a bright, cheery room on the sunny side of the building with 3 windows (one in the bathroom and two in the bedroom).  As you can see, the decor is quite pretty, without being overly feminine or frilly.  It is an excellent choice for any lady that wants a pretty room, but has a tough, macho traveling partner along for the ride.

The Benjamin Disraeli room has a spacious bathroom with a standard sized bath tub and integrated shower.  It also has all the other amenities that we feature in all of our rooms, like TV with DVD player, mini-fridge, room safes, iron/board, and free wireless internet.

Gift Shop Featured Item
The Queen’s Blend

Retail Coffee
One of my favorite items at breakfast every day is also one of my favorite gift shop items … our custom blended, fresh (locally) roasted coffee.

If you’ve been to The Queen Victoria since June of 2013, then perhaps you’ve already sampled our coffee.  I know that many of you have already discovered it in our gift shop, as sales have been brisk.

Now I know that many of you are a little sad to leave The Queen Victoria at the end of your visit with us, which is something I’m thankful for.  Think of it, bringing a bag of our coffee home with you would be a wonderful way to take a little bit of your Queen Victoria experience home with you.  Imagine, you could savor a cup of the same tasty coffee you enjoyed at The Queen Victoria at your very own kitchen table.  Now I just have to figure out a way to refill your cup when it gets a little too low!

only $11.95

Favorite Photo
The Big Cheesey, 2014

Big Cheesey 2014
In a break from tradition, rather than featuring some beautiful, arresting image of Cape May and its environs, I’ve elected to share a photo from one of our wonderful events.  If you’ve been following these newsletters, then you are probably aware that the 6th annual “Big Cheesey” cheese tasting event at The Queen Victoria was held early this month.  While no photo could ever do it justice, this one gives you a pretty good idea of what it was like.  What you can’t see is about 1/2 of the cheeses, including the magnificent Baked Brie.  Also missing from this photo is the happy sight of about 20 bottles of wine lined up on our side board, which all the attending guests brought to share and enjoy together. 

It was a great, tasty experience, as always.  I’m just a little sad to think that I’ll have to wait almost an entire year for the next one.  If you haven’t joined us for this, or one of our other fun winter events, then I suggest you start making plans today for 2015.  It is a great way to spice up a dreary winter.

Next at Cape May Stage
The Mountaintop
(May 21 through June 13)



If you’re into serious drama, then Cape May Stage’s inaugural play for 2014 might be just the ticket for you. 

The Mountaintop is the fictional account of Martin Luther King’s last night on earth set entirely in Room 306 of the Lorraine Motel on the eve of his assassination on April 4, 1968

This is what Cape May Stage says about the play on their website:

“This powerful drama weaves a surrealistic fantasy about a conversation between King and the mysterious hotel maid who brings him coffee and prompts him to confront his life, his past, his legacy, and the future of African-Americans.”

The Queen Victoria Youtube Channel

Youtube Icon If you follow our facebook page, then you might have seen some of the videos that I post occasionally when the mood strikes me.  You never know what it might be, a great sunrise, or perhaps a beautiful beach day.  My latest one was a video of our Big Cheesy Cheese Tasting party. 

Anyway, we’ve decided it might be fun to archive them for future viewing, so we created a Youtube channel for The Queen Victoria and uploaded them.  We also put our “Official” video, as well as our recent TV commercial on the channel.

I’m pretty sure that our channel won’t replace your favorite Youtube destinations for funny videos and popular singers, but I’ll be posting some pretty Queen Victoria & Cape May videos if you ever need a “quick escape” to Cape May.

Restaurant of the Month
The Mad Batter

Mad Batter Crab Cakes

Anna Marie and I really love to go to the Mad Batter.  It is fun, casual and an easy walk from The Queen Victoria.  The Mad Batter is located on Jackson street, literally a couple of minute walk from The Queen Victoria.

It is pretty hard to narrow down my favorite dishes at the Mad Batter, but they certainly include the Vegetable Wellington, the Crab Cakes, and most recently, the Fish & Chips (you can’t go wrong with a good plate of fish & chips, right?).  Anna Marie often orders the twin filets, but has also taken a liking to the Chicken Caesar salad lately.

I was just reviewing their menu as I’m writing this and it is making me really hungry, even though I just ate lunch. 

Another great thing about the Mad Batter is the live entertainment.  Wednesday night is Jazz night with Gino White, Thursday is Andy Reeves, Friday & Saturday features a variety of artists, and Sunday is Open Mike Night.

So if you want some great food and fun entertainment during your next visit to The Queen Victoria, consider making your way to the Mad Batter.  You’ll be happy you did.

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