There is nothing like Summer in Cape May!
A New Winery for Cape May!

Anna Marie and I happened upon this new winery a couple of
weeks before it opened and spoke to the owner Todd, who was
tending to the vines. We were so excited to have another
winery in town! We had heard that there were several new
wineries in the works, but we didn’t realize that we’d have
another one open for the 2009 Summer season.

To be honest, Anna Marie and I were a little reluctant to
mention the new winery at first. Since we hadn’t tasted their
wine yet, we just didn’t feel comfortable sending people their
way. Our concerns seem laughable to me now.

Anna Marie
and I made our way back to the Hawk Haven winery earlier this
week and we were VERY impressed. They’ve got about 8 acres of
vines planted right now, with plans to expand considerably
within their 100+ acre farm. From the moment you step into the
new tasting room, you feel comfortable and relaxed. The custom
wine racks behind the bar and wonderful long tasting bar
create a very enjoyable ambiance. But what about the wines?

When I first saw the tasting menu I was a little
disappointed. Anna Marie and I typically drink red wines, and
all but one of their wines was white. The lone red wine was
called “2007 Red Table Wine”, which didn’t initially inspire
me. I guess I’m used to an exotic name, or perhaps just the
grape name (Merlot, Syrah, Cab, etc). Anyway, we started with
a Pinot Grigio, which really surprised me. It wasn’t as sweet
as I usually find it, and I liked it quite a bit. Next up was
“the red”. Wow, what a surprise. The Red Table Wine is a blend
of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chamborcin that has a beautiful
color, wonderful bouquet and most importantly, tasted
incredibly good. We liked it so much we bought a case. Anna
Marie and I enjoyed all the other wines too. We were thrilled
to hear that they had just bottled 2 more reds which would be
available in the coming weeks. I guess we’ll be going back

Be sure to visit Hawk Haven on your next visit
to Cape May. Remember, wine tasting is a great activity if one
of your days in Cape May isn’t a perfect beach

Last Chance For Dad

Let me guess. You totally forgot it was Father’s Day this
Sunday. OK, so maybe you’re better at this stuff than I am.
So, have you figured out what to get the man in your life that
doesn’t need anything? That is how my dad is … doesn’t need
a single thing. So what to do? If he doesn’t need anything,
then what options are left? How about something he really

I’ve got it! Get ready, this one will surprise you with its
originality. How about a gift certificate to The Queen
Victoria? Perfect, right? Seriously, a Queen Victoria gift
certificate is a great gift for Dad and Mom will get to enjoy
it too. He loves Cape May as much as you do, so why not send
him here?

We’re getting a little close to the wire
here, so you’ll have to hurry if you want to have it in time.
Another option is to just make a reservation for Dad. This
requires a little bit more coordination, but we can help you
find a date that will work for him. Either way, you’ll feel
great about treating Dad special on his day. You know he
deserves it.

Stay & Play

We are once again pleased to announce the start of our only
summer package … the “Stay & Play”. Lots of you have
taken advantage of this great deal during your visits in past
years. If you love theatre and don’t know about this great
deal, then pay attention.

If you reserve a 4 night stay that includes a weekend, or a
3 night stay mid-week, any time that Cape May Stage is open
(May 20 – Dec 31) we’ll be pleased to present you with
complimentary tickets to Cape May Stage. This is a GREAT deal!
Tickets for a show are $35 each, so the value of the package
is about the equivalent of a dinner out (excluding

May Stage Presents … Say Good Night Gracie

Cape May Stage’s second production of the year is about to
open and I knew that you would want to hear about it.

I always loved George Burns and I’m looking forward to
seeing this show. After reading the reviews that it got on
Broadway my expectations are high. If you love great comedy
and heart warming stories, you’ll probably love this one

Fourth of July … It’s not too late

I liked this graphic so much I decided to reuse it for the
Fourth of July (last month I used it for Memorial Day). Were
you toying with the idea of coming to Cape May for the 4th?
Believe it or not, it isn’t too late. We still have a couple
of rooms available for the weekend. Interestingly, we’ve got
several rooms that are available for 1 night on Sunday, July
5th, which looks a lot like a Saturday night if you get Monday
off from work for the 4th (I think that is what most employers
are doing this year). This might be your big chance to get a 1
night weekend stay at The Queen Victoria!

The Fourth of July weekend was the traditional start of
summer for Cape May prior to the 1970s and it is still a great
time to be in town. We’ve got fireworks, and picnics, and all
the traditional stuff you love about the 4th. We’ve also got
everything that Cape May always has in the summer, which is
reason enough to come visit. Don’t wait too long to call,
though, I doubt these vacancies will last very

Upcoming Events

  • SUMMER !!! Jun 21 to Sep 21
  • Cape May Wine Trail Trolley Tour June 21
  • Fourth of July … July 4
  • Cape May Wine Trail Trolley Tour July 12
  • Doug & Anna Marie’s Anniv. Aug 8 (my favorite day of
    the year!)
  • Cape May Wine Trail Trolley Tour Aug 9
  • Cape May 400th Anniv Parade Aug 29
  • Cape May Wine Trail Trolley Tour Sep 27
  • Food & Wine Festival Sept 19-27
  • Victorian Week Oct 9 – 18
  • Cape May Wine Festival Oct 10,11
  • Halloween in Cape May Oct 16-31
  • Cape May Wine Trail Trolley Tour Oct 16
  • Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery weekend Nov 6- 8
  • Christmas Preview Weekend Nov 21
  • Dickens Extravaganza Dec 6-8


June 21, at 1:45 pm (EDT). That is the official start of Summer
for 2009. It is also the longest day of the year, which is wonderful
for all of you that will be in Cape May this weekend to enjoy it!

Spring has treated us a little cruelly this year, with a few
extra rainy days and cooler weather, so I know you’re all ready for
a wonderful, sunny summer.

Are you planning a visit to Cape
May this summer? If so, it is definitely time to get serious about
it. Many of our weekends are already booked up, but it is not too
late. Give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect dates and
room for you. Don’t wait too long though, or we’ll have to help you
find another inn to stay at (which we hate to do, of course).

Can’t you just see yourself here?

Featured “Room of the Month” … Charles Dickens

Are you feeling literary? No matter, you don’t have to be a
Victorian literary scholar to stay in the Charles Dickens

The Charles Dickens room is a standard room on the 2nd
floor of the Queen Victoria building. Dickens is one of our
largest standard rooms, with large private bath with a walk-in
shower. This is a great room for any of you ladies that want
to bring your special guy to Cape May but don’t want to
subject him to bold floral prints or frilly decorations. It
isn’t a masculine room, but it just isn’t real “girly”.
Besides being a comfortable room, I’ve always loved this room
because of the furniture. The Victorian headboard is made of
gnarled hardwood and has an incredible design that you’ll have
to see to believe. I’d tell you what it is, but that would
spoil all the fun.

Find us on FaceBook

Are you on Facebook yet? If you’re unfamiliar with
Facebook, it is basically an internet networking site that
allows friends to connect and keep in touch. If you want to be
an “insider” at The Queen Victoria, then join our Fan Page!

What will you find on our fan page? First of all, I’ll
tease you from time to time, telling you how beautiful it is
in Cape May. I also post special openings that have been
created, exceptions to our minimums, which come up once in a
while. I’ll also post specials and share news about Cape May
with you. Photos! Did I mention that I’m posting all of the
photos you send me to FaceBook now? I’m still posting them to
our website too, but this is so easy I can’t resist.

Exciting stuff, huh? Seriously, if you think of The
Queen Victoria as your personal shore house (without the
mortgage, maintenance, or hassles), then you really need to
become a fan.

2009 Cape May Designer Show House

I’m pleased to report that the 2009 Cape May Designer Show
House is nearing completion and will be opening its doors to
visitors in the coming weeks. This year’s Show House is just a
few steps from The Queen Victoria, so it will be an excellent
excursion for all of you during your upcoming visit this

It sounds like this year’s Show House will be a little
different than some of the recent houses we’ve had. While last
year’s house was “Arts & Craft” style, which is historic
in nature, this year’s has a “Shore House” theme. I’m anxious
to see how this comes out. I’ve toured the house and seen the
interesting structural changes that updated this beautiful old
house to make a wonderful liveable space. I haven’t seen what
the designers have planned, but it sounds like it is going to
be a beautiful and wonderful house.

You won’t want to
miss this year’s Designer Show House!

The latest (non) news about the Convention

If I were actually a reporter assigned to this story I
would probably have to retire in disgust. Talk about no news!
As far as I know, the project is still moving forward, but the
pace is obviously glacial.

I guess there is actually one thing to report. I noticed
that the City of Cape May has opened up an “administrative
office” in a vacant store front next to Henry’s on the Beach.
This is just two doors down from the future construction site,
so I can only assume that the city plans on managing the
project from this office. On the other hand, maybe the city is
simply expanding their bureaucracy during this booming economy
(wow, where did that cynicism come from?).

Favorite Guest Photos …

OK, I know that the sun sets every day everywhere in the
world. I’ve got to say, though, that I haven’t seen too many
sunsets as fabulous as this one. Thanks to Mike and Angie for
sharing this beautiful image with us.

I usually assume that you need a few clouds to make a
fantastic sunset, but this photo obviously belies that idea.
Believe it or not, this was just one of several great photos
that Mike & Angie sent us. Who knows, maybe I’ll send you
pictures of the dolphins that they sent me next

Fire Control Tower #23

Do you recognize this tower? If you’ve ever gone down to
Sunset Beach to watch the sunset, then you’ve probably driven
by Fire Control Tower #23 and wondered what it was. I often
pondered what it would be like to get inside the tower and
climb to the top. What a view from up there!

If you’ve ever had similar thoughts, then you’ll be pleased
to learn that this tower is now open to the public. Over the
last 2 years the Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts has been
restoring this WWII landmark and it has just opened it up to
the public this year.

A trip to the top of the tower
is a pleasurable experience, with lots of things to explore
and look at on the way up. There are several landings on the
way up which make the trip an easy one. Even my 80 year old
Dad with a bum hip had no trouble getting to the top. Once
there, you really do have a wonderful view of the Delaware Bay
and Cape May point. It isn’t as high as the Cape May
lighthouse, but the views are just as spectacular. You can
almost imagine yourself as a young soldier during the war
looking out for German ships, ready to call in the firing
coordinates to the big guns located on the beach near the

You’ll definitely want to plan a visit to
the tower on your next visit to The Queen

Doug & Anna Marie’s Restaurant Pick Of The Month
… Frescos

Have you tried Frescos before? I think lots of people
sometimes overlook Frescos in favor of its sister restaurant
next door, 410 Bank Street. That would be a mistake!

Anna Marie and I took my
parents to Frescos the other night as part of the 1st annual
Restaurant Week in Cape May. We were SO IMPRESSED. We’ve
always enjoyed Frescos and this was obviously no exception.
Anna Marie ordered the swordfish piccata and I ordered the
Tuna Tapenades. We started things out with an order of their
calamari. So let me tell you about this meal. First of all,
the calamari was PERFECT. This is some of the best calamari
you’ll have anywhere, I promise. I loved my Tuna Tapendes,
which consisted of two tuna filets prepared to my liking. I
loved it. Anna Marie’s swordfish was something really special,
though. This is literally the best swordfish I have ever had.
Anna Marie was lucky that I was filled up on my own dish, or I
would have eaten most of hers (I always eat a lot faster then
she does). Seriously, this dish was as good as it could
possibly have been. If you like seafood, but have never had
swordfish, I wouldn’t recommend it, though. You’ll be
eternally disappointed by anything that follows.

Somehow I managed to have room for gelato for dessert,
which was another wonderful treat. Anna Marie had a sampling
of sorbets, which was a perfect end to the meal … very

Frescos is a BYO (my favorite kind of
restaurant), so plan on bringing your own wine. My
recommendation would be to pick up a bottle of wine from Hawk
Haven during your wine tasting adventure earlier in the day
and bring it to Frescos with you.

Make your reservations today for a romantic getaway at The Queen
Victoria Bed and Breakfast. We are looking forward to helping you
plan your next visit!


Doug & Anna Marie McMain, Innkeepers

The Queen Victoria Bed and Breakfast

phone: 609-884-8702