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Early Bird Gets The Room!

Many of you veteran guests of The Queen Victoria are
well acquainted with our “Early Bird” reservation
program. As we really dig into the Summer season, with
lots of other, first time guests visiting us this year,
I thought I would devote a few lines about this great
discount program. So what is the Early Bird program?

Let’s say you love your room this year and decide you
absolutely have to return again next year and have the
same room again. There is really only one way to insure
you get that room … reserve it now. Perhaps you loved
The Queen Victoria and need to come back again next
year, but want to stay in another room you saw or heard
about. Same story, reserve it now.

I know,
you’re thinking that making a reservation now and
putting down a deposit ties up your money for a whole
year, which is true. BUT WAIT … here is the good part
… we make it worth your while. Not only do you get the
room you want, but we’ll extend you this year’s rate (a
savings of $5/night) for your reservation AND we’ll
extend you a 5% discount on your stay. Only 5% you say?
Well, let’s do the math.

If you reserve a room
which would normally be $230/night next year the total
cost next year would be $786.60 for 3 nights. If you
book it this year, that same room would cost you only
$731.03, a savings of $55.57. With a deposit amount of
only $320.63, your discount amounts to a 17.3% return on
your deposit. Where else can you get that kind of return
these days? Really, The Queen Victoria is the best
investment around.

Now for the “fine print”: You
can’t book an Earlybird online, so give us a call, or
book it during your visit this year. Also, we will not
accept 3rd party gift certificates for payment towards
any part of an Early Bird reservation (deposit or
arrival balance due).

Cape May Wine Festival … Again

Do you love wine? Do you love outdoor festivals? Do
you love Cape May? If you answered yes to all these
questions, then you need to drop everything and make
reservations for the 2nd annual Cape May Wine Festival.
Yes, the good times are rolling on!

I was thrilled to hear that the festival was
scheduled again this year, as I had heard that it would
not be repeated. Last year’s “1st annual” festival’s
attendance was a little lighter than had been hoped (due
mostly to lousy marketing), and there was pretty serious
talk of discontinuing it. I’m VERY pleased to hear that
the New Jersey Wine Growers Association made the right
decision and gave us another chance.

If you’ve
never attended one of these festivals, then you can’t
imagine what fun it is. Image 25-30 tasting tents set up
around a meadow with a live band playing music all day,
the soft breezes blowing off of the bay, and the
wonderful aromas of the food vendors wafting over you as
you sample the wines of New Jersey. I know people that
don’t even like wine that attend these festivals

This year’s event is once again
scheduled for the Columbus Day weekend on Oct 11th &
12th. Don’t miss it!

Did I mention that
availability it getting tight for that weekend? Don’t
delay, call today.

2008 Designer Show House

One of our favorite events every year is the Cape May
Designer Show house. This year we’re excited to see what
our region’s best designers are going to come up with at
the 2008 Show House.

Anna Marie and I toured the house in the “before”
preview. It was already apparent that there was a lot of
magic in the works to create a wonderful showcase,
literally starting from the bottom up. To start with
they dug out the crawlspace to create a basement for the
media and entertainment room. Every designer was there
with conceptual drawings and materials, all of which
promised a craftsman fantasy in the making.

showhouse is already open and is receiving rave reviews.
if you’re looking for a real treat on your Summer visit
this year, make plans to visit the 2008 Designer Show

Sweet Celebrations Package

I know that lots of you will be celebrating something
special during your next visit to The Queen Victoria. If
you’re looking for a way to make your celebration a
little sweeter, I’ve got just the thing … the
Sweet Celebrations package.

The Sweet Celebrations package is designed to make
your stay with us, and your celebration, just a little
more special. Sure, your sweetheart will be excited just
to be here in Cape May at The Queen Victoria, but can
you imagine how excited she will be when she finds a
beautiful bouquet of flowers and a chocolate tower
filled with custom made truffles in her room?

matter if you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary,
an engagement, a honeymoon, or just a well deserved
vacation, make it a little more special by adding the
Sweet Celebrations package. It will be the best $75 you
spend while you’re in Cape May.

Upcoming Events

  • Private Lives opens at Cape May Stage Jul 2
  • Cape May Crafts Sep. 6
  • Food & Wine Festival Sep. 20-25
  • Cape May Wine Festival Oct 11-12
  • Victorian Week Oct 10-19
  • Halloween Events Oct 17-31
  • Sherlock Holmes weekend Nov 7-9
  • Cape May Christmas Nov 21 – Jan 4


Are you waiting impatiently for your vacation in Cape May
at The Queen Victoria? Can you hardly wait to see yourself in
this picture? Hang in there, you’ll be here soon!

know that waiting for your next visit to Cape May is tough, so
I thought I’d give you a little taste to hold you over until
your arrival date.

If you’ve already come and gone and
are missing us, I can tell you there is only one cure for what
you’re feeling. Make a reservation for another visit and put
yourself back into the group that is looking forward to their
arrival. I can tell you that it doesn’t really work until you
make the reservation. Just thinking about doing it doesn’t do
the trick..

The Perfect Day!

Featured “Room of the Month” …

Continuing in our proud tradition of featuring a
different room every month, I’m showing off one of my
favorites. Chelsea is a favorite of many of you already,
so some of you may get upset that I’m letting out the
secret. Sorry about that!

Chelsea is a third floor room in the front of Prince
Albert Hall. It is the only room with wall to wall
carpeting in the entire building, which probably means
the floors were beyond saving during the restoration of
the building (I’ve never seen them). It is a very
comfortable room with lots of character, including an
adorable “widow’s walk” porch. It is a small little
porch, but it is a wonderful place to check out the new
day, or share a glass of champagne at sunset. Chelsea
also boasts a very large bathroom with one of our garden
style whirlpool tubs.

Next time you reserve a
room at The Queen Victoria, consider giving Chelsea a
try. It is a great room.

Cape May Stage

Anna Marie and I just saw Cape May Stage’s latest
offering “Fully Committed” and we were truly impressed.
Not only was the show great (a one man show with over 40
characters!), but the completely restored theatre is
truly wonderful. We’re talking about a Broadway show in
an intimate and very comfortable setting. There is truly
not a bad seat in the house.

Cape May Stage is about to present its second
production of the season, a Noel Coward play called
“Private Lives”. I’ve never seen this show before, so
I’m really looking forward to it. The one thing I do
know is that it will be wonderfully done. Every
production Cape May Stage does is.

Favorite Guest Photos

Have you heard about Sunset Beach in Cape May? You
know, Cape May diamonds, the concrete ship, the great
gift shop, the new mini-golf place. All that great,
must-do stuff. This isn’t that.

Actually, this is
a sunrise shot taken on our lovely beach by Glen
Wolverton on New Year’s Day 2006. Now I know lots of you
have never seen a sunrise in Cape May before, especially
in the Summer when it happens at 6:00 a.m. You really
are missing some special moments if that is the case.

I’m not trying to play down sunset, but I’ve got to
say that I think sunrise is typically more moving, at
least for me. Of course, it could just be that I’m still
half asleep when I experience it. Really though, if you
find yourself up early on your next visit here, grab a
cup of coffee, head down to the beach and check out the
sunrise. If you do, then you can do the “round trip” and
catch the sunset the same day. I don’t think there are
all that many visitors that can make that claim (but I’m
sure I’ll be hearing from those of you who

By the way, the guest photos have kind of
dried up lately. I know you’re still taking pictures
during your visits. Come on, send them in and share
them. This could be your chance at

Doug & Anna Marie’s Restaurant
Pick Of The Month … Union Park

If you haven’t eaten at Union Park, you’ve missed one
of the finest dining experiences in Cape May. Yes, this
is one of our favorites. Anna Marie and I have always
loved Union Park. It is close to the inn, it has the
prettiest, most elegant dining room in town, and most
importantly, the food is magnificent.

Anna Marie and I took my parents to Union Park for
dinner during their recent visit and we all agreed it
was the best meal of their entire stay. That is saying
quite a bit, since we took them to all of our favorite
restaurants 8 nights in a row. We especially liked
dining on the porch with a magnificent view of the

On our last visit we started things off
with Oysters on the half shell (fresh from Cape May).
Anna Marie ordered the Filet with a Porcini red
zinfandel glaze, while I ordered the adobo seasoned Pork
Tenderloin. I can assure you that both of us savored
every bite of our meal. Remember that like most of my
favorite restaurants, Union Park is a “BYO”, so plan on
a trip to my favorite store: Collier’s Liquors (Anna
Marie frequents the other stores in town).

Anna Marie and I dined at Union Park again last night.
WOW! Great meal, again (strip steak this time). Try the
semi-freddo if you like chocolate for dessert. The Mango
sorbet was incredible too.

Make your reservations today for a romantic getaway at The
Queen Victoria Bed and Breakfast. We are looking forward to
helping you plan your next visit!


Doug & Anna Marie McMain, Innkeepers

The Queen Victoria Bed and Breakfast

phone: 609-884-8702