Your Shore House


Anna Marie’s Favorite New Special 
                        … Girlfriend Getaway


If you like shopping, you’re going to love this brand 
                        new package that Anna Marie came up with for our 
                        visitors during the cooler months. In fact, Anna Marie’s 
                        enthusiasm about this package is pretty contagious, and 
                        even I am excited about it (and I am definitely not a 


So what is it? Come stay at The Queen Victoria mid- 
                        week (arriving Sunday through Wednesday) for two nights 
                        and we’ll give you $100 in shopping vouchers that can be 
                        used in any of 14 different stores in Cape May. That 
                        means two nights in a Luxury Suite (double occupancy) 
                        and a Cape May shopping spree for $350.

Now don’t 
                        let the name throw you. We named this package as we did 
                        because we know that girlfriends and sisters and women 
                        in general love to come to Cape May to shop. We’re not 
                        limiting this to the ladies though! This special is 
                        certainly available for all guests, including 
                        individuals travelling alone, couples, etc. If you like 
                        to shop, we’ve got you covered.





Singer Songwriter Cape May 


Something new and exciting is coming to Cape May this 
                        March that music lovers will not want to miss! Singers 
                        and Song Writers are converging on Cape May this March 
                        for a weekend of music, workshops and fun.


This March 7-8 there will be literally dozens of 
                        perfomers showcasing their talents in 12 stages all over 
                        town, with over 125 showcase performances all together. 
                        Cape May has never seen an event quite like this one, 
                        though it is reminiscent of the Jazz Festival. Whether 
                        you are a music professional or just a lover of music of 
                        all kinds, make you plans to come to Cape May this March 
                        for “Singer Songwriter Cape May”. I suggest you stay at 
                        The Queen Victoria!

                        Learn more about Singer 
                        Songwriter Cape May




Holmes is Back! 


Yes, it is that time again. It seems there are no end 
                        to the mysteries in Cape May requiring our favorite 
                        super sleuth Sherlock Holmes’ expertise. Of course, as 
                        good as he is, he needs a little help. He needs YOU! 


The Sherlock Holmes Cape May mystery weekends are 
                        without a doubt two of the best weekends of the year in 
                        Cape May. Every March and November Sherlock, Watson, and 
                        a great cast of other Victorian characters team up to 
                        solve some vexing mystery right here in little old Cape 
                        May. The event includes a stage performance, a house 
                        tour, audience participation, and cash (really) prizes 
                        for various things like best costume, best solution to 
                        the mystery and “most clueless”. I know that latter 
                        won’t be you.

You don’t really need an excuse to 
                        visit Cape May, but you can use this one anyway. And 
                        while you’re here, check out some of the Singer 
                        Songwriter performances. This is really an amazing 
                        weekend this year!

                        More information about the 
                        Holmes Weekend




Spring Festival


It may be hard to believe, but Spring is on the way. 
                        I don’t know about where you live, but we’ve been 
                        getting teased all Winter by Spring with some nice mild 
                        weather. In fact, we’ve got pansies that look pretty 
                        happy in the garden and the daffodils are starting to 
                        bloom (they’re a little confused). Anyway, Spring IS 
                        about to return and we’re ready for it in Cape May.


If you’ve never visited Cape May as it comes bursting 
                        back to life, then you really need to consider it. Cape 
                        May’s annual Spring Festival really is a wonderful event 
                        that you don’t want to miss. Besides being beautiful, 
                        there are TONS of things going on during the Spring 
                        Festival, including an antique show, a chef’s 
                        dine-around (lots of fun), a craft show, murder mystery 
                        luncheons and dinners, vintage dancing, and more tours 
                        than I could list here without putting you to 

                        More about Spring 




Cape May Spring Jazz Festival 


Yes, MORE music. It is all about the music this year, 
                        obviously. Of course, the Cape May Jazz festival is a 
                        proud tradition that speaks for itself.


This spring the Cape May Jazz Festival proudly 
                        presents many of the finest “young lions” in jazz today. 
                        As a natural successor to the 28th Festival “Favorites 
                        Return”, the “Next Wave” features an elite up-and- 
                        coming new breed of artists: cutting edge musicians 
                        across many jazz genres, each honoring the legendary 
                        players who came before. This is a must attend weekend 
                        for any jazz lover with roots in the past, and an ear 
                        towards the future!

Yeah, I clipped that quote 
                        directly from their site.

Anyway, I was amazed to 
                        see that the Rippingtons, one of the hottest Jazz bands 
                        in the last couple of decades is one of the featured 
                        acts this year. Cape May is big time!

Call us 
                        soon to reserve your room. We’re not full yet, but the 
                      rooms are going fast!

                        Check out this spring’s 




Cape May Music Festival 


OK, so all we do in Cape May is eat and listen to 
                        music. I admit it. Well, we do shop (at least some of us 
                        do), but I can’t imagine a more enjoyable way to spend 
                        time when I get right down to it. Every May the Mid 
                        Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC) presents the Cape May 
                        Music Festival. Once again, it should be a wonderful 


This festival is a little different than the others 
                        I’ve been discussing though. First of all, it spans 
                        several weeks, so you don’t have to get all of your 
                        music in one weekend. The music tends to be a little 
                        more on the classical side, though the festival always 
                        includes other genres of music as well. In fact, in 
                        keeping with tradition the festival will be kicked off 
                        on May 18th by a Celtic band called “Road to the Isles”, 
                        featuring Pipe and fiddle music, dance and folksong 
                        traditions of Scotland and Ireland. A classic sure, but 
                        not classical music. The band featured in the picture is 
                        called Shtreiml, which is a high octand Klezmer group 
                        led by harmonica maestro Jason Rosenblatt.

                        know you’ll want to make the festival part of your Late 
                        May, early June visit, so plan on attending a show or 
                        two while you’re here. If you haven’t planned your trip 
                        yet, then you obviously need to start working on that 

                        Discover more about Cape May 
                  Music Festival




Back by Popular Demand … Seasonal 


Lots of you have already taken advantage of the great 
                        specials we’re running this winter & spring. In 
                        addition to the “Girlfriend Getaway” that I’ve already 
                        mentioned, we’re once again offering the “Gift of 
                        Romance”, “Two for Two”, “Gourmet Getaway”, and “Winter 
                        Weekend MADness”.


The Gourmet Getway, Two for Two, Girlfriend Getaway, 
                        and Winter Weekend MADness run through April, 
                        while the Gift of Romance runs into June (but is not 
                        available in Jan, Feb & Mar). All except the “Winter 
                        Weekend MADness are weeknight specials, including 
                        Sunday evening.

All four of these specials are 
                        GREAT deals. Call us today to find out how you can visit 
                        The Queen Victoria and Cape May in a very fun and 
                      economical way!

                        Get the Details! 




Upcoming Events 




  • Cape May Wine School “South African wines” Feb 24 
  • Singer Songwriter Cape May Mar 7-8 
  • Sherlock Holmes Mystery Weekend Mar 7-8 
  • Cape May Wine School “Left Coast Wines” Mar 30 
  • Cape May Jazz Festival April 18-20 
  • Spring Festival April 25 thru May 4 
  • Cape May Music Festival May 18 thru June 15 
  • Cape May Stage re-opens May 21



Have you always wanted a “Shore House” in Cape May? You 
                  know, a place you can come down to any time. A place you can 
                  relax, enjoy yourself, and leave your worries at the doorstep. 
                  A place you can make monthly mortgage payments on and mow the 
                  lawn, and work on every weekend, and …. wait! That isn’t 
                  what you want a shore house for.

I think that what you 
                  REALLY want is something that you already have! I suggest you 
                  think of The Queen Victoria as your own personal “Shore 
                  House”. It really is the perfect shore house. Not only is it 
                  there for you whenever you need it (and only when you need 
                  it), but it requires absolutely no maintenance, it has tons of 
                  wonderfully relaxing places to hang out , is fully stocked 
                  with all the beverages and goodies you need, comes with a 
                  breakfast, and even has “self making” beds (actually, we make 
                  them). When you weigh it all out, it’s probably a lot cheaper 
                  to come to The Queen Victoria frequently than own your own 
                  little shore house. So there you have it … The Queen 
                  Victoria is obviously the best of all possible “shore houses”! 







Impress your neighbors … show them this photo of 
                        your vacation home!





Featured “Room of the Month” … 
                        Regent’s Park


Everybody always asks about that “cute little 
                        cottage” in the back of the Prince Albert Hall yard, so 
                        I figured I would showcase it for you this month. The 
                        other reason I wanted to feature it is that we just 
                        finished a bathroom renovation project on it that I’m 
                        very excited about.


So what makes Regent’s Park special? Well, first of 
                        all it is obviously nice and private, being a stand 
                        alone building. It is also VERY popular in the winter 
                        because it has such a cozy fireplace in the sitting 
                        room. In the warmer months, the private porch is a 
                        wonderful place to sit in a rocking chair and spend a 
                        pleasant morning or afternoon (most people are out and 
                        about during the day). And now, of course, there is the 
                        fabulous bathroom with a wonderful “roll in” 2 person, 
                        two head shower that is brand spanking new! Really, you 
                        have to see this room to appreciate it. If you are 
                        looking for cozy, private, comfy and relaxing, Regent’s 
                        Park is for you. Oh yeah, it also has a new 30″ flat 
                        panel TV (our 2nd largest), so you can keep up with your 
                        favorite sports, soaps, or reality TV 

                        See all of our rooms 




Cape May Stage’s 2008 Season 


Who doesn’t love a good play? So many of you have 
                        made an annual tradition of “doing” Cape May stage 
                        during your visits to The Queen Victoria. If you are one 
                        of our stage lovers, then you’ll be pleased to learn 
                        that Cape May stage has released their 2008 schedule. It 
                        looks like a great season.


Here is this year’s schedule:
May 21 – June 
                        28, Fully Committed
July 2 – Aug 16, Private 
Aug 20 – Sep 27, Doubt (a parable)
Oct 1 – 
                        Nov 1, Rounding Third
Nov 5 – Nov 22, Lady Day
                        28 – Dec 21, This Wonderful Life

We’re going to 
                        be running our “Stay & Play” package again this 
                        year, so visit our website or call for details. We’re 
                        proud to support Cape May Stage!

                        Visit Cape May Stage 



Cape May Face Lift … Progress 


Lots of you have seen our mall in its “construction 
                        phase” last Fall & this Winter. Many of you have 
                        braved the construction and discovered that most of the 
                        stores that are usually open during the winter are still 
                        open, despite the construction. For all of you, and 
                        those who haven’t been back since construction started, 
                        I’m giving you a sneak preview.


I went out today and snapped a few photos of the 
                        “work in progress” to share with you. Those of you with 
                        a good eye for Cape May might recognize this as the 
                        Decatur Avenue sidewalk that runs along the Pilot House 
                        & Ugly mug. There is obviously some work remaining 
                        here, but this shot giv