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Cape May: Live Entertainment Mecca!

Cape May has always been known for its many charms, including Victorian architecture, fine dining and beautiful beaches.  This year, I'm pleased to add to that list Live Entertainment.  We've always had classical music festivals and jazz festivals, but this year a music scene has blossomed which is simply astonishing.


Last month I mentioned the "Inside Out" concert series, which is certainly a component of the music scene.  In the last several weeks, however, a couple of new concert series have started up, which in addition to the tavern music fare we've always been blessed with, have made Cape May one of the leading live entertainment destinations in the country!


Perhaps the best thing about Cape May's astounding music scene this year is that it is all being performed in small venues.  While the big festivals & large venue events have all been  forced to cancel, an amazing amount of creativity has been put in place to create exciting and fun (outdoor) venues where you can enjoy an intimate musical experience.







Keep reading, because I'll be featuring a lot of these performances and venues in a coming article.

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Room of The Month

King Edward Luxury Suite


The King Edward suite is all about luxury, elegance and spaciousness.  King Edward has long been one of our most popular rooms, for those reasons and many more.


When you step into the King Edward suite your first impression will probably be that it is very large.  The sitting room that you enter into, pictured on top here, is expansive, and the 13 foot tall ceilings add to that impression.  You'll also be impressed by the sheer elegance of the room, with the rich wall coverings and window treatments and dramatic carpet all adding to the effect.


On the left side of the room there is a wet bar featuring a Keurig & microwave (not pictured here).  The desk pictured here has been replaced by a bistro table, which has been very popular for takeout during the covid-19 era.


The bedroom, pictured on the left of the lower photo and separated from the sitting room by heavy velvet drapes, features a queen size iron canopy bed and a 2nd TV for evening viewing.

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The immense marble tiled bathroom  features a large 2-person whirlpool tub (with integrated shower) and perhaps the only bidet in a bed and breakfast in Cape May.


On top of all of that, the King Edward suite has two features that are sure to please you: a dedicated off street parking space and a private balcony with 4 rocking chairs.


There really is a lot to love about the King Edward suite.  I recommend you give it a try on your next visit to The Queen Victoria!


Click Here for more great photos of the King Edward suite.







Upcoming Events & Activities

Cape May Live Music Scene


Spy Boy Production Concerts


"Rootstock" concert series at Hawk Haven Winery

The second of three new concert series produced by Spy Boy, the Rootstock concerts are set amid the vines of the winery.  These acts are all acts that were scheduled for the Exit Zero Jazz Festival, but were cancelled due to covid-19.  Moving them to the low density, open air, small venue setting of the winery offers you the opportunity to enjoy world class live jazz during your upcoming visit to Cape May.  In addition to enjoying some great wine during the concerts, you can also feast on the tasty food truck fare of Stone Harbor's Hit the Road Jack Food Truck at every Friday concert, 5:30-8:30pm.  From seared scallops to ribeye sliders and grilled lobster tail, their ever-changing menu is sure to please every palate.

  • Aug 21: Jon Thompson
  • Aug 28: Jeffrey Gaines
  • Sep 4: Fat Mezz


"Sunset Jazz" concert series at the Emlen Physick Estate

Sunset Jazz is the final, and perhaps most interesting of the Spy Boy productions this summer.  Like Rootstock, the acts lined up are world class jazz veterans bringing their talents to Cape May for you to enjoy.  The Emlen Physick bandstand sits in the middle of the estate grounds and can accommodate 70 people.  Tickets are required, and you'll need to bring your own seating (or our beach chairs).  Insider Tip:  Book dinner at Vintage for the evening and you'll be entertained with your dinner free of charge!

  • Aug 16: Keyon Harrold
  • Aug 22: Carol Riddick & Gerald Veasley
  • Aug 29: Mat Cappy (plays Miles Davis "Kind of Blue")



Tavern Music Scene


With it's ocean views and breezes, Harry's Rooftop Bar is a great place to enjoy a drink or two and some great live music.  As you scan the list of musicians, you'll probably notice that several repeat periodically, and some also perform the Cape May circuit, also performing at other venues in town.  These are all talented local musicians that are sure to entertain you all night long.

  • Aug 17: Nicki Sbaffoni
  • Aug 19: The Honeyhawks
  • Aug 21: Nate Cwik
  • Aug 22: Bastard Sons of Captain Mey
  • Aug 23: Dan Barry
  • Aug 24: Nicki Sbaffoni
  • Aug 26: The Honeyhawks
  • Aug 27: Dan Barry
  • Aug 28: Nate Cwik
  • Aug 29: Four Lean Hounds
  • Aug 31: Nicki Sbaffoni
  • Sep 2: The Honeyhawks
  • Sep 4: Nate Cwik
  • Sep 6: Dan Barry
  • Sep 7: Nicki Sbaffoni
  • Sep 10: Dan Barry
  • Sep 11:Nate Cwik
  • Sep 12: Jack Light Move
  • Sep 18: Nate Cwik
  • Sep 19: Bastard Sons of Captain Mey
  • Sep 20: Dan Barry
  • Sep 24: Dan Barry
  • Sep 15: Nate Cwik
  • Sep 26: The Capers 
  • Oct 2: Dom Grosso Trio
  • Oct 10: The Capers


Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail is a very cool place to hang out, get dinner and some drinks and enjoy some great live music.  I've always thought that the vibe at the Rusty Nail is a little Caribbean, tucked away as it is behind the trees with tables in the sand.  The musicians are mostly local acts, some of which repeat a few times throughout the month.  You'll notice that some of them also perform at Harry's.

  • Aug 12: Dion Paci
  • Aug 13: Gregg Carpenter
  • Aug 14: Michael Flanigan
  • Aug 15: Aaron Burgos Duo
  • Aug 16: Matt Diventi
  • Aug 17: Nate Cwik Duo
  • Aug 19: Dion Paci
  • Aug 22: The Honeyhawks
  • Aug 23: The Bastard Sons of Captain Mey
  • Aug 24: O'Brien & Joyce
  • Aug 25: Nancy Malcun
  • Aug 28: Aaron Burgos Duo
  • Aug 29: The Honeyhawks
  • Aug 30: Matt Diventi
  • Aug 31: Nate Cwik Duo
  • Sep 1: Gregory Jones
  • Sep 2: Dion Paci
  • Sep 3: Gregg Carpenter
  • Sep 4: Michael Flanigan
  • Sep 5: Nancy Malcun
  • Sep 6: The Bastard Sons of Captain Mey



Carney's has long been a musical tradition in Cape May and this year is no exception.  With live music 4 nights a week, you've got a pretty decent chance of enjoying it during your upcoming stay at The Queen Victoria.  Carney's is just around the corner from the inn, so it is extremely convenient.  With very limited seating, it would make sense to get a table early.  Since the bands are playing outdoors, it means that the music can be clearly heard by those strolling along the promenade or sitting on one of the benches there.  

  • Tuesdays: Juliano Brothers Band
  • Fridays: Sindi Raymond Band
  • Saturdays: Tri-State area's best cover bands
  • Sundays: JB Rocks






















More New Stuff!

New Garden Seating

If you haven't stayed with us this year, then you haven't had the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful new dining seating area, which we created in the garden of our Prince Albert Hall.  In response to the challenges of providing enough outdoor dining for our summer guests in the covid-19 era, we decided to create some new garden seating.  These five bistro tables, each set into their own space defined by a mondo grass border are a wonderful new addition to The Queen Victoria.  These tables have beautiful styling, with comfortable seating, and are generously spaced.  We've also installed sun shades above these tables, along with a string of patio lights, the effect of which is to create a very festive, fun atmosphere.


Some of our guests have taken advantage of these and our other garden and porch tables to enjoy takeout meals for one or two of their meals.  It really is a pleasant "dining room", which just happens to be BYOB.








Favorite Photo

Crepe Myrtle Tree

This time of year Cape May's vast collection of Crepe Myrtle trees are in full bloom.  This photo of our tree from last year has always been one of my favorites.


These bushes (some look like trees, but they are technically bushes) start blooming all over town in early August, and remain in bloom for several weeks.  Our blooms this year are not quite as magnificent as they were when this picture was taken, but they are still beautiful to behold.


Insider tip ... take a walk down Corgie street, behind the post office, and you'll see a seemingly endless array of Crepe Myrtles blooming brightly.


View Photo Gallery >>





Featured Gift Shop Item
Queen Victoria Afghan



Most of our guests like to take a memento of The Queen Victoria home with them until their next visit.  One of the very best mementos is our Queen Victoria Afghan, which features all four of our beautiful historic buildings, along with an image of Cape May's iconic lighthouse.


Though you may not be thinking such thoughts in the height of summer, this cozy afghan is perfect for snuggling up in on the couch on a chilly evening, or draping around your shoulders or lap on a cool fall morning on your porch at home.  Just ask Anna Marie how much she enjoys hers!  It is certainly a wonderful reminder of the time you spent at The Queen Victoria.  Imagine how nice one would look draped over your sofa or easy chair, displaying whichever building you wish, depending upon how you fold it.


These beautiful afghans are available in our gift shop for you to purchase every day of the week.  They are factory fresh, made in the USA, and sealed in plastic to keep them fresh until they find their way into your home.







Fun Things to Do in Cape May
Visit Turdo Winery

Most of you know that Cape May has had a pretty extensive vineyard/winery industry for a long time.  One of the oldest, but the least well known of the Cape May wineries is the Turdo winery.  Turdo is a small, family owned & operated winery located about 4 miles from The Queen Victoria.  The owners of Turdo, who are immigrants from Italy, focus on varietals from their native land.  All of the wines with the "Turis" label are made with grapes grown on their 5 acres of vines.  The owners Sal & Sara, with help from their son Luca, tend the vines, pick the grapes, and make the wine.  Sal focuses on the vineyard and the wine making, while Sara runs the tasting room.


A visit to Turdo, which is open from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. daily during the summer months (through Labor Day), is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon of your visit to Cape May.  In this year of covid-19 restrictions, they are restricted to outdoor seating only, and are selling wines by the glass & bottle (no tastings this year).  "Small Bites" (Cheese, Charcuterie, Crackers, etc.) are also available for purchase.


Turdo really is a little slice of heaven tucked away in a semi-residential neighborhood close to the Ferry Terminal.  If you're searching for an authentic winery experience with truly exceptional wines, then you'll be thrilled with your visit to Turdo.  To go there once is to become a fan.












Back Bay Birding by Boat on the Osprey

Join Captain Bob and the crew of The Osprey for close-up looks at nesting Ospreys, migrant shorebirds, terns, gulls, herons and more. The Osprey explores the coastal salt marsh of Cape May from Cape Island Creek to the Wildwoods,  viewing the natural wonders of historic Cape May Harbor. The Osprey is a 37′ pontoon boat that has a comfortable open cabin with large viewing windows, a front deck with a railing, and a restroom on board. 


There are daily tours at 10:00 a.m. through October 14.  On Saturday, Sunday & Monday these are sponsored by the Cape May Bird Observatory ($35/person).  Tuesday through Friday are the in-house "Wetlands Wildlife Safari" tours ($30/person).  The "Sunset Safari" is offered on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday at 6:00 p.m ($30/person). 


Be sure to bring your own binoculars, as the complimentary shared binoculars are not offered in the covid-19 era.


They can't guarantee that you'll see an actual osprey diving for a fish, but I couldn't resist sharing this "super slow motion" time lapsed collage of a diving osprey with you.  Wouldn't you love to see it in person?








Restaurant Pick of the Month
McGlade's on the Pier (BYOB)


McGlade's on the Pier is one of Anna Marie and my "must do" dinners several times every summer.  In fact, we've already enjoyed several dinners there this year, including our anniversary celebration.  During one of our recent heat waves we even dined there 2 nights in a row because it was so beautifully cool with the ocean breezes wafting over us.


The first photo here shows very clearly one of the reasons we love McGlade's so much.  There is simply no better ocean view dining experience in Cape May.  McGlade's is situated on a pier, right at the edge of the beach.  It is a little off of the beaten path, located as it is at the end of the beach entrance alongside the convention center.  The entire dining room is outside and is covered with an awning roof, which makes it perfect for the covid-19 outside dining limitations.


McGlade's isn't a fancy restaurant.  In fact it is quite casual.  The food, while not fine dining, is very good and is reasonably priced.  The portions are generous too.  In addition to their regular menu and extensive specials menu, McGlade's is also offering it's "Restaurant Week" menu again this year, which features a 3 course pre-fixe menu for $35.  Anna Marie and I are both partial to the Key Largo Grouper, which is incredibly delicious, and hard to resist.  I haven't been able to resist it yet!  Pictured to the right is their Shrimp Scampi, which is also incredible.


McGlades is open for dinner Wednesday through Saturdays, and daily for lunch (and breakfast, but our guests don't care about that).  Thankfully, it is also a BYOB restaurant, so you are able to bring your favorite beverages with you.









Great Reasons to Visit The Queen Victoria
Upcoming Queen Victoria & Cape May Events

West Cape May Tomato Festival

Sep 5, 2020


24th Annual Food & Wine Festival

Sep 11-20, 2020


Cape May Wine Trail

Sep 11 & 18, 2020


Gourmet Brunch Walk

Sep 14 & 16, 2020


Small Bites & Flights Pairing (at Mudhen Brewery)

Sep 18, 2020



Harvest Dinner (at Vintage restaurant)
Sep 19, 2020


Backtrack Vocals Concert (CM Music

Sep 19, 2020


Fisherman's Wharf Tour

Sep 19, 2020



Victorian Weekend 

Oct 8-12, 2020


Murder Mystery Dinner "All Bets Are Off"

October 3 & 11, 2020


REV Theatre Vaudeville "How You Gonna Keep'Em Down On The Farm"

Oct 8-11


West Cape May Lima Bean Festival 

Oct 10, 2020


Victorian Weekend Craft & Collectibles Show

October 11, 2020


Halloween Happenings 

Oct 9-31, 2020


Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey

Oct 17-18


NJ Audubon Cape May Fall Festival

Oct 15-18


Atlantic Brass Band Concert (CM Music Festival) 

Nov 21, 2020



Make your reservations today for a fun, romantic getaway at The Queen Victoria Bed and Breakfast. We are looking forward to helping you plan your next visit!


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