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Interview with Medium Debbie Wojciechowski Part Two

Interview with Medium Debbie Wojciechowski Part Two

Published on January 09, 2017

From birthday parties to wine blending challenges, Anna Marie and I enjoy hosting a variety of events at The Queen Victoria for our guests’ enjoyment as well as ours. One of our popular events is our Channeling Weekends with our Master Teacher of Mediumship, Debbie Wojciechowski. Debbie is wonderful to work with and we thought it’d be helpful to learn more about her work and professional experience in mediumship. This blog is a continuation from our first interview with Debbie, found here.

You mentioned in our last interview that Lynn Hertsgaurd was your mentor on your journey to embrace your spiritual awakening.  How has Lynn influenced your time as a Medium or is there anything she can do that you wish you could do?       

Lynn Hertsgaurd was the President of a local Chapter of ”Spiritual Frontiers” in Baltimore, MD. Spiritual Frontiers hosted numerous facilitators and covered such topics as intuition and psychic development. Lynn also held weekly meditation groups in her home that I attended on a regular basis for many years. Although Lynn was an astrologer and not a Medium, she was familiar with how the original Spiritualists trained in the U.K.  She conducted the development/Mediumship circles accordingly. Lynn spent much time in England working with Mediums.

Upon returning home, she hosted many Mediums from the U.K., holding workshops regarding various spiritual topics. This provided me the unique opportunity to meet and study with different Spiritual teachers. We were taught how to “properly” receive and understand messages from Spirit. Historically speaking, Mediumship has always been more accepted in England. In fact, Mediumship remains more popular in England today than any other area worldwide.

You said your maternal Grandmother was a psychic.  Do you know if she worked on her abilities or not?

My maternal grandmother, Anna Pietrowski, passed when I was young. She did not “utilize” her gifts in the traditional sense. In fact, until recently, Spiritualism/Mediumship was not always accepted by the general public.

Do you feel everyone can connect to Spirit if they are open to it?

Spiritualism is the name given to provide evidence that life continues after death. Connection to Spirit (our loved ones who have passed) is different than a psychic connection.

While we all have the ability to develop our intuition (psychic ability), I believe that connection to our loved ones that have passed (Mediumship) is different. There is a difference between Psychic and Mediumship readings. Through knowledge and practice, we can enhance our ability to develop an inner “psychic” voice and unlock the door to our intuition. Specifically, a psychic reading is a connection with the energy of the person on the earth-plane; whereas aMediumship reading is a connection with a loved one who has passed and is in Spirit. A Mediumship reading is a connection with the soul. A Medium is a channel of communication with Spirit.

I believe that one of the reasons Spirit connects with us is to bring a sense of peace to those who are grieving.  Spirit wants us to know that the difficulties we endure here on Earth, such as the loss of a loved one, and how we cope and overcome the grief, will perhaps be the toughest test of our faith. In my many years of working with the bereaved, I believe that loss is the earth’s greatest leveler. Our loved ones want us to know that they are safe and happy.

In his book Infinite Quest, John Edwards believes that Mediums are born to do this work. He states, “If you are born to be a Medium, you will not wonder if you are, you will know it this deal was set up before you got here.” It is important to note that being a Medium renders me no special treatment. I am a student on the “earth-plane” just like everyone else! I strongly believe that the moral and ethical responsibility that is involved with giving a reading for someone is tremendous.  Mediums need to be aware of the ramifications and responsibility of connection with Spirit.

Are certain connections stronger than others?

Yes, certain connections are stronger than others. While a Medium is simply a vessel/instrument for the information from Spirit, every reading is unique because every session will be with a different person. There are various variables that are present in each reading. In a recent interview with a well-known Medium, he was asked, “When is the best time for someone to have a reading?”  His answer was perfect: “When the client is open to the messages of whomevercomes through.”

Is there another specialty you are working on, Dream Interpretation, Psychometry, etc.?

As a Master Teacher of Mediumship, I am planning on teaching classes in 2017 including but not limited to: Developing your intuition;  Understanding Mediumship and Spiritualism; Meditation; Spirit Guides; Connecting to our higher selves; Signs from Spirit;  Differentiating between Psychic and Mediumship; Understanding the Afterlife, etc.  I am also working on cold cases (a cold case is an unsolved investigation which remains open).

What is unique about your gift that other Psychic/Mediums may not possess?

As with any profession, Individual Mediums have their own “style.” I can only speak for myself when I say that as a Medium I am truly humbled to bring peace for someone’s healing journey. I am aware of the immense responsibility involved when giving a reading. Personally, to be able to touch the heart of another person when giving a reading is priceless!

Your work is very sensitive. Do you have a process for introducing new participants to accepting the reading or providing ideas of how that can handle the information? 

I feel it is extremely important to make a client feel comfortable and relaxed during a reading. This sets the “tone” for the reading. I explain to clients how I work and what to expect in a Mediumship reading. My background as a grief counselor has proven invaluable in my readings. I also ask the client to have an open mind. I don’t believe it is my job toconvince anyone to have a reading or try to change a skeptical mind. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs.

What’s it like for you to connect with Spirit? Is it visual, audible, or physical?

As a Medium, I use all senses when I connect with Spirit.  These senses are called Clairvoyance: clear seeing;Clairaudience: clear hearing; Clairsentience: clear feeling; and Claircognizance: clear knowing.  For example, when I use the sense of clairvoyance, it is likened to seeing a video in my “mind’s eye.”

What’s a highly significant reading or experience you’ve had as a professional Medium?

As quoted by John Edwards, “It is less important to tell others how gifted you are than it is to know how amazing it feels to use your ability to help someone through a difficult situation.”

Our only true gift on this earth is to share our life with another, if only for a short time.  I believe that all readings aresignificant in their own way. Everyone has a story.  I remain humbled that my clients trust me to connect with theirloved ones. The impact of a message given during a Mediumship reading, for a client who has suffered a loss cannot bemeasured or truly explained. 

We’re honored to have Debbie work with The Queen Victoria to offer a unique experience with our Channeling Weekends. We still have availability for our October 14, 2017 weekend if you’d like to participate in a reading with Debbie in Cape May.