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An Interview with Medium Debbie Wojciechowski

Channeling Weekends in Cape May

Published on December 02, 2014

Three or four times a year, typically in our “shoulder” seasons, The Queen Victoria hosts Channeling Weekends.  In 2014 we started working with a new Medium named Debbie Wojcechowski.  During her first Channeling event at The Queen Victoria I had an opportunity to interview Debbie, asking her to satisfy my curiosity about her life’s work.  It was a great experience for me and I wanted to share it with you…

Question: When did you first realize that you had psychic abilities?  How did your gift first manifest itself?

Debbie: I truly began searching for my spiritual journey approximately 35 years ago. Although I believe my spiritual awakening began following a near-death experience at the age of 13, when I was caught in an ocean undercurrent in Ocean City, Md.  I denied what I was experiencing because I did not understand it!  However, after losing both parents by the age of 21, and after having lost most relatives including grandparents, aunts, and uncles, I began asking, rather rhetorically, ”Where did everyone go?”   Soon after, rather unexpectantly, I began receiving the answers! Living in Baltimore, Md. it was difficult to find the ”right person” to assist me on this journey.  I was fortunate to find a local teacher/mentor named Lynn Hertsgaurd to assist me on this journey.

Question: Does anybody else in your family have this gift?  Is psychic ability typically inherited?

Debbie: I believe my maternal grandmother, Anna Pietrowski, was a Psychic/Intuitive. I also believe that Psychic/Mediumship abilities are inherited.

Question: How long have you been channeling?

Debbie: I have been connected to Spirit (channeling) for over 30 years.  Although I have given many readings over the years, I have been working as a professional Medium for the past 4 years, following a 25 year career in federal law enforcement.

Question: What inspired your decision to dedicate yourself to being a medium psychic?

Debbie: Basically, my background, including the loss of my parents at an early age, my desire to further my education on my own, my career in law enforcement, and my background as a grief counselor have all been significant stones on my spiritual journey.  I clearly understand that my work as a Medium is my life’s purpose.   When I first realized my ”gift”, I was apprehensive to accept it and I decided to take the more traditional route.  I worked several jobs to attend college and graduate school. I always knew, however, that there was ”something” missing.  Once I started doing my readings and working more with Spirit, I discovered the ”something” missing and found my life more rewarding and fulfilling.  I remain humbled by my gift and realize the immense responsibility involved when giving a reading.   I believe this path choose me!

Question: It sounds like your training and certification were pretty intense.  Can you tell me a little bit about the experience?

Debbie: I was initially fortunate to find a local ”teacher/mentor’’ named Lynn Hertsgaurd in Baltimore, Md. at the beginning of my spiritual journey.  Lynn hosted many Mediums from the U.K. and held week-end workshops on various spiritual topics such as psychometry, Mediumship, dream interpretation, spirit guides, development of intuition, etc.   While I was a regular attendee of these workshops, I also attended weekly meditation and development groups.   I am also self-taught, having read and studied many professionals in this field, including but not limited to; Ruth Montgomery, Sylvia Browne, John Edward, George Anderson, James Van Praugh, Dr. Brian Weiss, and Lisa Williams.  I was impressed with Lisa William’s genuine personality and the unique way she shared her gift with others.  Lisa Williams is an international Medium and Clairvoyant.

In 2009, myself and one of my best friends, Bridgett Codd, attended an event at the Lyric in Baltimore, Md. where Lisa Williams was demonstrating her Mediumship abilities.  Lisa Williams was delivering messages to an audience of approximately 3,000 participants.  I was very hopeful that Bridgett would receive a message (sadly, Bridgett had terminal cancer).  Bridgett was one of only 10 audience members to receive a reading that evening!  This reading was extraordinary and gave Bridgett such comfort and peace.  Sadly, Bridgett passed away several months later.  I truly realized that there are no coincidences.  I also knew that if possible, I wanted to formally study with Lisa Williams.

In the spring of 2012, I was accepted to formally study under Lisa Williams c/o LWISSD (Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development).    I am a certified Medium through LWISSD, having completed the Advanced Mediumship course in April 2012, the Platform Mediumship course in November 2012, and the Master Teacher Certification course in December 2013.

Regarding the Advanced Mediumship course, the actual course work was an 8 week on-line course with required weekly homework assignments and a mandatory 3 day week-end event in California for (testing).   All Mediums were ”tested” and graded on many levels while required to do several readings for the general public.

The Platform Mediumship course also consisted of  on-line coursework with a mandatory-end in California.  Students were required to deliver messages from Spirit in a large public forum.  Additionally, I worked as a sub-contractor for 1 1/2 years c/o Lisa Williams ”Soul Connections” (doing telephonic Mediumship readings).

Finally, I was honored to be 1 of only 7 individuals chosen (internationally) for the Master Teacher Certification course in 2014 c/o LWISSD.   This course was a life changing experience.  Overall, it was an extraordinary course which included both on-line classes and extensive hands-on training.   Each student was encouraged and provided the opportunity to enhance their individual creativity while also studying the important elements of teaching.    The 7 month course was both challenging and intense.

Requirements included weekly on-line classes as well as extensive weekly homework assignments (assignments required a minimum of 20 hours per week).    The course work included, but not limited to;  studying the history of Spiritualism, exploring the difference between religion and spirituality, researching well known past and current Mediums, exploring the ”after-life”, understanding /analyzing ”energy” involved in Mediumship, composing  meditation scripts, developing  curriculum,  breaking down of the difference of Psychic vs. Mediumship abilities( including ”how” Spirit connects with the Medium.)

Following completion of the 7 month on-line course work, all students were required to attend a 2 week intensive, hands-on course, in California.  This included continued schooling, testing, and the requirement to construct and teach a Mediumship course.  The final requirement of the course was a 5 hour hand- written exam.   This course required dedication, commitment and perseverance!

Overall, it was an extraordinary experience.   As my resume includes a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University, I feel this course was likened to receiving a Masters degree in Mediumship!

Question: Can you describe the funniest (or perhaps most interesting) channeling experience you’ve been a part of?

Debbie: What I find interesting is that if we really ”pay attention”, there are absolutely NO coincidences.   The ”signs” from our loved ones are all around us!    In fact, many times, people or situations are put in our path to assist us, we just don’t realize it.   The difficult part is getting people to ”pay attention.”

Question:  Many of our guests are intrigued and interested in channeling, but are hesitant to participate.  What would you say to them to make them more comfortable with it?

Debbie: I believe one of the reasons our loved ones want to connect with us to bring us a sense of peace.  They want us to know that our soul continues on after our physical passing and there is life after life.   Our loved ones want us to know that they are happy and safe.   Messages from our loved ones can be quite healing and comforting, allowing a person to move beyond the grief experienced by a loss.

Question: What do you like best about small group channeling events?

Debbie: In a small group channeling event, there is the opportunity for a ”variety” of messages for all participants!  These events can be quite insightful for the participants with the messages received from their loved ones.  I believe it very important to deliver the messages in a respectful and appropriate manner.  As a professional Medium, and having worked as a grief counselor, I am aware of the sensitive nature of a reading.  I am also respectful of the fact that it is a group reading. I am truly hopeful to bring a sense of peace and an understanding of Spirit to all participants.

Question: What aspect of your life as a medium/psychic is most gratifying to you?

Debbie: Basically, if I can bring a sense of peace to someone through contact with their loved one, than, I also feel a sense of peace, knowing I am doing what I am meant to do in this lifetime.  I am both humbled and thankful for Spirit for allowing me to share my gift with others.