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Published on February 23, 2015

In our last blog post we reviewed the history of the Cape May Winery and this time we’re sharing how our relationship with the winemaker, Darren, evolved into our current Wine Lover’s Weekend wine blending challenge.

Back in 2009, Anna Marie and I were wine tasting at the winery and talking to Darren about how the winery would be a cool place to have a party and he made the suggestion of hosting a blending party. We loved the recommendation and given that the Craig family, owners of Cape May Winery, have been friends of ours since we purchased The Queen Victoria we couldn’t think of a better event to invite our guests to.

Now in our seventh year, we look forward to seeing returning and new attendees try their hand at winemaking! The tasting portion of the day is pretty fun as well. We especially enjoy the custom labels the winery provides, making it a delight to keep the bottles at the Queen Victoria. In fact, the other night I came across a bottle from the 2010 blending party and paired it with dinner. I knew it was special right away and even asked Anna Marie to make a guess as to what it was and she thought it was a high-end California wine.

Though we’ve toured the winery many times before, it’s always an experience to see newcomers learn about Cape May’s excellent wines and how they’re crafted at the winery. Anna Marie and I have recently grown fond of their Zinfandel but we also enjoy their red blend, perhaps we’re just getting a head start on ideas for our blend in the challenge.

We absolutely love this event and if you want to read more on what to expect when attending, please view our Wine Lover’s Weekend section on our events page!