Introducing new Cape May tours and workshops from MAC.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the charming coastal town of Cape May? Look no further than brand-new Cape May MAC tours! MAC is dedicated to providing visitors with immersive and informative experiences that showcase the rich history, stunning architecture, and natural beauty of Cape May. 

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NEW Cape May Tours and Workshops


Clueless at the Physick Estate is an immersive experience where tour-goers travel through the 1879 Emlen Physick Estate as an original mystery dramatically unfolds around them. In 2023, time is the enemy in “Racing the Clock,” written by Jacklyn Fazio. Barrington family dinners are notorious for bad news, but no one expected this one to take such a sinister turn, when the family matriarch drops dead before dessert is served. With every guest potentially poisoned, and not enough antidote to go around, you must identify the killer before it’s too late. 



Whaling, wartime and wild weather. The remarkable maritime history of our seaside town has long defined the Cape May story. Board the trolley and rediscover the important places and natural phenomena that have shaped, literally and figuratively, the Cape May we know today. The trolley then stops at Fisherman’s Wharf for an up-close walking tour about Cape May’s commercial fishing industry on the docks at The Lobster House. Tour begins and ends at Washington Street Mall Information Booth. Tour is not accessible. 



Experience an unusual tour in Cape May MAC’s 1879 Emlen Physick House. In the Voices from Beyond Tour, you will hear actual spirit voices captured by Cape May MAC staff over the past 10 years. View historical photos of the Physick family and their staff alongside photos of apparitions seen inside the house. Learn about the equipment and tools used throughout history in paranormal research. Who could these voices belong to and what is keeping them connected to the Physick House Museum? Draw your own conclusions on this new and exciting paranormal tour. 



Cape May’s Poet Laureate Sylvia Baer hosts four introductory poetry workshops at Vintage Restaurant on the grounds of the Physick Estate this July that explore the themes of Water, Sand, Sky and Family. These workshops are for anyone interested in poetry at any level of knowledge and experience. Participants will learn about the craft and write their own verse during each workshop. Sharing work is a personal choice and will not be required. After each session there will be time for discussion with light refreshments included. 

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