A guide to Cape May flowers. 

Cape May is home to many beautiful species of flowers. Keep an eye out for these and many more on your next trip to Cape May.  

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Cape May Flowers in the Wild

Flowers you may find growing in Cape May in the wild. 


Nettle-leaved Vervain | June to September 

Nettle-leaved Vervain or White Vervain against green bush

Nettle-leaved Vervain or White Vervain is a common species found in shady or semi-shaded woodland, fields, and roadsides. She’s unassuming when not in bloom and may be mistaken for a member of the nettle family. The white flowers are tiny and easily overlooked.  


Long-stalked Crane’s Bill | June and July

Long-stalked Crane’s Bill pink flower with green foliage

Long-Stalked Crane’s Bill was Introduced from Europe and it’s currently known to grow in Cape May in the southern half of the county (it may occasionally appear elsewhere). It is easily identified by its flowers which are carried high on long stalks. 


Scarlet Pimpernel | May through August 

two Scarlet Pimpernel blooms

Also from Europe, Scarlet Pimpernel is a low, sprawling plant commonly found in open fields. It flowers May to August and its leaves have a slightly succulent quality to them. Stems are square with winged corners. 


Carolina Horsenettle | June through October 

Carolina Horsenettle white flower with three pointy leaves

Carolina Horsenettle typically grows in dry and sandy sites. Its leaves are rather variable in shape but easy to identify due to a distinct ridge of spines. Flowers may be mauve or fade almost to white. Berries start green (sometimes striped) and gradually turn bright yellow. 


California Poppy | June through September 

California poppy cluster of orange flowers with green foliage

The California Poppy was Introduced from Western North America and crops up from time to time as a constituent of wildflower mixes. She flowers July to September. Her brilliant orange flower and delicate bluish-green foliage are distinctive.  


Fall Phlox | July through September

Fall Phlox three pink blooms with surrounding buds

Fall Phlox is native to New Jersey and can be found in grassy areas and roadsides. It flowers July to September and blooms may be white or various shades of pink, red or purple.  



Common Cape May Planted Flowers  

Flowers you may find among beds, pots, and baskets in Cape May. 


Silk tree pink blooms on tree with blue sky

A common garden shade tree that sheds a large amount of seed. Colder winters help to prevent this tree from becoming an alien invasive. Flowers June to September. 



Impatiens are bright and cheery annuals, staples among Cape May flowerbeds. You’ll find them in gardenscapes and pots throughout the city.  



pink rose full bloom yellow center

There are so many varieties of roses in Cape May as they are especially popular among local landscape artists, homeowners, and innkeepers. Here is a photograph of a rose bush at The Queen Victoria. Its flowers are wonderfully vibrant this year. 




Petunias are a popular choice for flowerbeds and hanging pots in Cape May. They make a lovely presentation due to a natural drape and tendency to stack, one flower over the other. 



white fan flower

Scaevola or Fan Flower are summer annuals suitable for hanging baskets, window boxes, containers, or as bedding. Native to Australia, scaevola varieties are now popular in the United States because of heat and drought tolerance and pest resistance. 


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