At The Queen Victoria, we love entertaining guests – we’ve been doing it for decades. Some mornings we host as many as seventy people for breakfast. That’s a lot! Over and over again our guests tell us we’ve got the best breakfast in Cape May. That’s why we published the Queen Victoria Cookbook.

Originally published in 1992, the first edition of the Queen Victoria Cookbook sold over 15,000 copies. In 2009 we published the second edition complete with full-color photos. This second edition contains virtually every recipe we serve at the inn.

The Queen Victoria Cookbook features instructions on how to make over 80 of our favorite breakfast and teatime treats. Each recipe is easy and elegant, making them perfect for entertaining. Entertaining large groups isn’t always easy – especially if you want to enjoy your guests. That’s why most of our recipes can be prepared in advance and kept warm on a buffet.

Other recipes for bread, cookies, and spreads are actually improved by being prepared in advance and frozen or refrigerated to blend flavors. Most – even our bread and cookie recipes – serve more than four people but may be split in half for smaller numbers. Of course, you can always freeze extra to serve later or give away.


Recipes in our Cookbook include:

  • Breakfast Entrees and Specialties
  • Breakfast Bread
  • Teatime Sweets, Treats and Cakes
  • Teatime Savories

Call us at (609) 884-8702 to order your cookbook today.


Bonus recipes from Bon Appetit we love.

Try these recipes for an easy and delicious breakfast at home.


Crepe Cake Recipe

Tip: Cook the first side only until it’s very lightly golden. A dark crepe is a tough crepe, and you’re aiming for a super-delicate texture

Do Ahead: Batter can be made up to two days in advance and kept chilled. Crepes can be cooked 1 day in advance and kept covered and chilled. Cake can be assembled 1 day in advance and kept chilled. Top with whipped cream and sugar right before serving.

Do Ahead: Custard can be made up to 2 days in advance and kept chilled.


Quiche Lorraine

This is a delicious, unforgettable, quiche.

Do Ahead: Dough can be made up to 3 days in advance and kept chilled. It can also be kept frozen for up to 2 months.

Do Ahead: Quiche can be baked up to 1 day in advance but must be kept tightly wrapped and chilled. Serve at room temperature.


Vitamin C Superfruit Salada

This superfruit salad – made with ginger, carrot juice, lime juice, turmeric, and kosher salt – delivers a much-need jolt of vitamins. While it’s not recommended to make this much in advance, the salad comes together quickly and it’s very simple to make (and delicious!).



It can be challenging to entertain a large group of people, especially if you want to spend time with your guests. That’s why we hope you’ll enjoy these simple recipes. As always, visit us for a delicious breakfast in Cape May. If you’re planning a party you can’t host on your own, contact us to learn more about how The Queen Victoria can make your next event extra special.