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The New York Times has called Cape May the culinary capital of New Jersey and many fine dining experiences await you here. Seafood is a particularly good choice in many of the area restaurants, as Cape May ranks first on the east coast in commercial seafood landings. We keep current menus of many of the local restaurants in Cape May for your perusal. We also encourage our guests to write their own comments in our restaurant review book. Many Cape May restaurants encourage guests to bring their own wine, beer or cocktails.

Doug & Anna Marie’s List of Selected Restaurants

Please check the opening schedule also! Reservations are recommended.

Listed below are a variety of restaurants Doug, Anna Marie and our guests enjoy. This list is not all inclusive, but the way these restaurants treat our guests shapes our opinions. We have also listed some casual or “tavern fare” places for your consideration. We recommend reservations at all times, but especially for Saturday night dinner reservations!

410 Bank Street

This is one of Cape May’s finest and a real favorite of ours. The French Creole cuisine is a wonderful explosion of flavor. The menu features a lot of seafood with some wonderful steaks as well. The portions are large and nobody ever goes home hungry from 410 Bank.

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Phone: (609) 884-2127.

The Black Duck on Sunset

About a 15 minute walk from the inn, this is one of the most distinctive restaurants in Cape May with an airy atmosphere and creative menu and great raw bar choices! The Black Duck is owned by Chris Hubert, a renowned local chef who also owns the restaurant “Godmothers”.

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Phone: (609) 898-0100

Cape May Fish Market

If you’re looking for a nice casual place to get a great seafood dinner, check out the Cape May Fish Market. It is conveniently located in the heart of the Washington Street mall, a short walk from The Queen Victoria. The prices are reasonable and the food is good. This is a great alternative to driving to the Lobster House and waiting in line for an hour. Bring your own bottle of wine and enjoy a relaxed, casual dinner.

Freda’s Cafe

Freda’s is one of our favorite restaurants in Cape May.. It is a reasonably priced, charming neighborhood bistro on Ocean street, just one block from the inn. Continental flavor with a hint of soul. Home of the best Crab Cakes in Cape May (maybe the world)!

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Phone: (609) 884-7887


Fresco’s is owned by the same folks that own 410 Bank Street, which is located right next door.   They refer to themselves as a “Seafood Tratoria”, which should give you a pretty good idea what to expect.

It features an interesting Northern Italian a-la-carte menu. The service is attentive, the setting is pleasant, and the food is great. We always enjoy Frescos.  Try the Swordfish Picatta or the Veal Osso Bucco!

Like 410 Bank Street, Fescos opens in mid to late April and closes for the season in October.

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Phone: (609) 884-0366

George’s Place

George’s is unbelievable. If you like incredibly good food at tremendous value pricing, you need to visit George’s for at least one dinner the next time you are in Cape May. Georges is a Greek restaurant, but most of the really Greek dishes are on the appetizer menu. All dinner entrees come with a very generous Greek or Caesar salad at an average price of about $12.

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Phone: (609) 884-6088

La Verandah

107 Grant Street | La Verandah is located in the Hotel Alcott on Grant street, about 10 minutes walk from the inn. La Verandah offers southern elegance with dining both inside and on the romantic verandah. The food is unbeatable and the service is wonderful. Another one of our favorite restaurants in Cape May!

Phone: (609) 884-5868

Lobster House

This is a big tourist restaurant located 1 mile from the inn at a major fishing dock. We recommend it as a fun lunch excursion (poke around the docks as well). Except for winter weekdays, we do not suggest it for dinner – no reservations and long waits.

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Louisa’s is a charming, fun and funky little place.  The food is delicious and fresh, and simply prepared, for the most part.  Louisa’s claims to be Cape May’s first “Farm to Table” restaurant, which they’ve been doing long before it was chic.  It truly does seem like the ingredients are just a little fresher than just about anyplace else.  Louisas is the kind of place where the menu is on the blackboard on the wall.  We think of Louisa’s as fairly light dining, not because of small portions, but because of the nature of the food.

Mad Batter

On Jackson street, just steps from The Queen Victoria, the Mad Batter is a Cape May landmark. Though our guests don’t often try their famous brunches, the Mad Batter is a good destination for either Lunch or Dinner. We particularly enjoy dining on the front porch, watching folks stroll down scenic Jackson street and savoring any of the fine entrees offered. The Mad Batter was awarded the 2006 New Jersey Tourism “Diamond” award in recognition of the role it plays in making Cape May the restaurant capital of New Jersey.

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Tisha’s is conveniently located in the heart of the Washington Street mall. The service is great and accommodating. The menu has an Italian Flair and the food is excellent. This restaurant is definitely a favorite of ours and many of our guests.

Phone: (609) 884-9119

Union Park

Union Park is located in the Hotel Macomber, just a few blocks from the inn. Union Park offers elegant dining, great service, delicious food. We have chosen to have many of our holiday dinners here and we’ve never been disappointed. Union Park is probably the prettiest dining room in town. They’ve also started serving on the porch for an outside, ocean view dining option.

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Phone: (609) 884-8811

The Merion Inn

On Decatur street, the Merion Inn is a Cape May classic and certainly a favorite. The Merion is a wonderful traditional dinner house located almost across the street from The Queen Victoria. The generous menu, great food, and wonderful atmosphere of the piano bar make the Merion Inn an experience you won’t want to miss. Anna Marie and I really love the Merion Inn and you will too.

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Phone: (609) 884-8363

Washington Inn

One of the best of the best restaurants in Cape May, advance reservations needed for popular times. Excellent service, sophisticated menu, one of the best wine lists in NJ.

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Phone: (609) 884-5697


Located right across the street from the beach on the corner of Beach Ave and Decatur Street.  This is Doug’s “go-to” place for a burger and a beer.  It is a great spot to watch a game on TV, if there is a special event or game you don’t want to miss.  Cabanas is also one of the better live music venues in town, featuring local and regional bands throughout the year.

The front wall of Cabanas opens up and lets the cool breeze in all summer long, which is  cool indoor/outdoor seating option.

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Phone: (609) 884-4800


Carney’s is actually two restaurants and bars, both of which are popular evening haunts. The food at Carneys is better than Anna Marie and I usually expect from a Pub/Tavern, and would be our first choice of pub-style restaurants in Cape May.

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Phone: (609) 884-5648

The Ugly Mug

On the Washington Street Walking Mall at Decatur Street. The Ugly Mug is a famous Cape May tradition. Nothing fancy here, but a great place to get a drink and some better than average tavern fare. Try the lobster roll!

Phone: (609) 884-3459

About BYO

For those of you not familiar

According to some regulatory pundits in Trenton, who have never heard of tourism, the State’s second largest industry, Cape May, with 5,000 permanent residents, should only have 2 liquor licenses. Luckily we were grandfathered in with more, but not enough. Thus it is popular and acceptable to Bring Your Own Bottle of wine or beer. Without a doubt, one of the most popular places in town (and, appropriately, on the highest ground) is:

Collier’s Liquor Store

Near many of the restaurants, at Jackson and Lafayette, they have an excellent selection of wines and micro-beers. Many restaurants in Cape May are rated by stars – trust them. They deliver to the inn, making it great for a special gift.

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Phone: (609) 884-8488