Whale Watching

Things To Do in Cape May

Whale Watching is a perfect way to enjoy the best of what the ocean has to offer: the sea breeze, a pleasant boat ride—and the unforgettable experience of seeing a whale or dolphin carousing beneath your boat! Bring a camera: their breaching the surface is a perfect photo opportunity.

Two companies are located in the area. The first, Cape May Whale Watcher, guarantees you will see marine wildlife during their trip, or you’ll get a second free ride. Up to three daily narrated trips are offered from March through December. Best of all, they’re located just down the street from our hotel.

In nearby Wildwood Crest you can also find Starlight Whale Watch for a unique and popular take on the cruise: a Sunset Buffet! You can choose from seafood scampi, sausage and peppers, Italian pasta salad or a kids’ meal while you enjoy seeing nearby dolphins and whales.

Enhance your next stay at The Queen Victoria with a Cape May whale watching trip.