Exit Zero Jazz Festival

Cape May is home to the acclaimed Exit Zero Jazz Festival held twice a year. This music event brings national and international musicians to perform at a variety of venues in Cape May. The Queen Victoria is the perfect place to stay while enjoying the Exit Zero Jazz Festival.

The first celebration is in the spring, generally April, with the fall edition in October or November. Check out our blog for all the latest Cape May activities and times.

Michael Kline, leader of the Exit Zero Jazz Festival summed up the idea by saying, “We wanted to offer a world-class cultural experience in Cape May that would launch the spring shoulder season and let people know there is a vibrant, thriving community in Cape May beyond the incredible beaches and Victorian architecture. Through music, we celebrate the spirit and creative energy in Cape May, bringing a little of that New Orleans street party flavor to the beach.”

Exit Zero Jazz Festival has been delighting visitors since 2012 and doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping the music anytime soon. During the festival, you can hear jazz legends and award winners or hear an up-and-coming performer as the festival includes a wide variety of musicians and styles. Concerts are held in local clubs, theaters, and the Cape May Convention Hall.

The easiest way to enjoy the music is to purchase one of the three passes the festival offers. You may buy individual performance tickets in advance for shows at the Schmidtchen Theater and Cape May Convention Hall on the Exit Zero Jazz Festival website or at the box office of the convention hall. Individual performances at clubs are not available for advance purchase.

For more information, visit the Exit Zero Jazz Festival call 609.849.9202.

* After purchasing your Pass, please contact the Exit Zero International Jazz Festival at 609-849-9202 to reserve your Convention Hall seats, as each show has different times