Spring and summer are ideal times to enjoy nature in Cape May. The weather is warm, skies are blue (generally), and crowds are few. Those interested and spotting birds and whales are in for an especially good time. In fact, Cape May is one of the best spots in the country from where to watch for both!

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Birdwatching Cape May

For birdwatching, Cape May Point State Park is an ideal place to visit. Here, you’ll find all types of birds as you hike or bike past ponds, wetlands, and dunes, to The Cape May Beach. Keep an eye out for Heron, Egret, Laughing Gulls, Scarlet Tangers, and more. Cape May is home to a number of species all year long!

Cape May birdwatching is a fun and inexpensive activity for people of all ages and skill levels. Learn about migration patterns, feeding preferences, and behavior songs, all at your own pace.

The NJ Audubon Society and its local chapter called the Cape May Bird Observatory (CMBO), have an office and gift shop not far from Cape May Point at one end of Lake Lilly. From that location, they offer several guided tours for interested parties of all levels. Click here to learn more about birding events and tours at the CMBO.


Whale Watching Cape May

Recently, Cape May was included on Conde Nast Travelers’ list of best whale-watching towns. This is certainly exciting news.

Whale watching in Cape May is fun for everyone – solo travelers, couples, and families. Plus, it’s an excellent way to spend time outdoors, especially after the cold winter months and downtime due to COVID.

Many of the world’s most fascinating mammals reside beyond the shoreline. Just ask the folks and at any of these fantastic Cape May whale watching expeditioners.

  • Cape May Whale Watcher
  • Cape Sea Excursions
  • Spirit of Cape May
  • Thundercat Dolphin Watch Speedboat


According to local experts, it seems whales are spending more and more time off the coast of southern New Jersey. And spring and summer are the best times to spot Humpback, Finback, and Minke. Expect to see them as they swim to feed all summer long. Spotted most often are immature (sub-adults) or adults not on a migratory pattern.

So, you see you don’t have to venture far to enjoy nature in Cape May, birding, and whale watching. Visit the lighthouse and Bird Observatory, or simply keep your eyes out for all kinds of species, like Ospreys, which dive into the water all day long.