Updates From Our Victorian Inn of Cape May

Greetings from The Queen Victoria! We know some of our blog readers keep up with Queen Victoria happenings via our newsletter and social media posts. For those readers, these updates won’t be a surprise. For blog readers that don’t follow us, please do! We love sharing news with you. Here’s the latest from our Cape May Bed & Breakfast.

Below, take a look at the beautiful new roof we installed just before reopening on June 1st. It was a big undertaking, but we’re thrilled with the result. What we thought would take two weeks actually took nearly two months, with most time spent on painting each individual shingle! Many shingles were custom cut and fit (especially along the angles of the turrets and dormers), so that also added to the length of the project.

In addition to our new roof, we created a new garden seating area at Prince Albert Hall. To accommodate proper social distancing protocol at breakfast, we decided to turn this garden into a lovely outdoor dining space. Our landscaper transformed the garden with the addition of Dwarf Mondo boarders. Then, we added these beautiful stone-topped bistro tables, which match the color of the balusters on the porch. Be sure to give this new breakfast “nook” a try on your upcoming visit.


Cape May in July

July is truly is a wonderful time to visit Cape May. In addition to these Cape May hotel updates, here are some fun things to do in Cape May this summer.

As far as we’re concerned, there is no better way to spend the day in Cape May than to lounge on the beach. Borrow our Queen Victoria beach chairs for the perfect seat overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

You might also enjoy biking through Cape May and the surrounding area. It’s one of the most popular things to do in the summer. There are many paths that lead to scenic rides along the Jersey Shore, through West Cape May, and to Cape May Point. Get a Cape May Bike Tour Book.

*TIP* This booklet outlines a self-guided bike tour, mapped by Cape May MAC. However, the path also makes a great walking tour. It’s easy to stop at the Cape May homes featured in the booklet, plus walkers don’t have to obey the same traffic laws regarding one-way streets, so it’s easy to take shortcuts!

57 properties are features on the tour (The Queen Victoria is the second property), each with a photo and detailed description, plus history. You can complete the tour in a single day (it does make for a long one) or you can explore pieces of it bit by bit.
Walkers may also enjoy the beautiful trails that lead to the Cape May Lighthouse. Three miles of walking trails wind through the meadows and wetlands of the pristine Cape May Point State Park. Walking these trails, which are typically empty even during peak season, is an ideal way to connect with nature, get some pleasant exercise, enjoy the fresh air, and see some wonderful wildlife.

There you have it. We hope you enjoyed these updates from our Victorian inn of Cape May. This summer is an exceptional time to visit Cape May, especially if you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing visit to the Jersey Shore. Even on the busiest days, the streets are fairly empty and open for you to explore. It’s like having Cape May all to yourself! To book your room, visit our Rooms page. We really look forward to seeing you soon!