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5 Reasons to Stay at a Bed and Breakfast Inn

5 Reasons to Stay at a Bed and Breakfast Inn

Published on July 15, 2017

Sometimes staying at a hotel can be quite mundane, even ho hum – and hopefully nothing worse than that. You might get the same experience at different hotels instead of having the individualized experience you deserve. While knowing what to expect from one hotel to another can be a good thing, so is something better than ordinary. Traveling away from home, whether someplace new or somewhere you have been many times, should be more than an ordinary experience. One place you can count on a fantastic experience when you are traveling is a bed and breakfast inn. Check out these 5 reasons your should stay at a bed and breakfast.

1. Service
Hotel service can be exceptional, but that is sadly likely not the norm. Customer service at many hotels tends to be very impersonal, lacks luster and sometimes is even down right awful. In fact, the customer service experience you might have at many hotels may not be much more than the front desk staff during the check in process. You’re only likely to interact with more hotel staff if there is a problem, or upon checkout. When you stay at a bed and breakfast however, you’ll notice that the innkeepers will bend over backwards to make their guests feel right at home. Welcoming guests into our home is what we do, and providing an exceptional experience with all of the comforts of home is the goal. Enjoy a “concierge” level customer experience at a bed and breakfast that you may otherwise only find at an expensive 5 star hotel.

2. Breakfast
An obvious benefit since it’s in the name, but having a delicious breakfast available is fantastic. I don’t know about  you, but when I wake up in the morning, the last thing I want to do is search for a decent meal. Bed and breakfast inns eliminate this search for you. At the Queen Victoria, you will enjoy a hot breakfast served daily. Coffee, pastries, egg dishes, fruit and more is a great way to fuel your day. So stop searching for your first meal of the day and enjoy it instead at a bed and breakfast.

3. Unique
Bed and breakfast inns offer a much more unique experience to its guests than a not-so special hotel. It’s almost like if you’ve stayed at one hotel, then you’ve stayed at them all. Aside from location, there may not be much to differentiate one hotel from the next. Staying at a bed and breakfast provides a lodging experience unlike that of a hotel. With each property varying from the next, you won’t get the same experience twice. Even the rooms will be uniquely decorated instead of a sterile, cookie cutter like room. Like ours, many bed and breakfasts are located in historic buildings full of character, craftsmanship and beauty.

4. Relaxation
Bed and breakfast inns are perfect for guests looking for relaxation. With fewer people around than at a giant hotel, you will have plenty of peace and quiet to rejuvenate. You’ll typically find cozy places to unwind at a bed and breakfast. A study with a roaring fire, a large porch perfect for enjoying afternoon tea or a beautiful garden great for sipping wine are some great features you may find at a bed and breakfast.

5. Local Connections
Innkeepers are pretty intimately immersed in their inns. Because of this, they are much more in tune with the property, the rooms and even their guests. Innkeepers are also typically local residents of your destination and can be a valuable resource for learning about other local services, attractions, tips and even the area’s best kept secrets. Having a local at your fingertips can prove to be quite valuable for enhancing your visit.