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2016 Big Cheese Weekend

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Published on February 11, 2016

We’re counting down to one of our favorite events and we hope you’ll save the date for our annual Cheese Tasting party on March 12!

Each year, Anna Marie and I select approximately 15 cheeses to sample and pair with bakery bread, specialty olive oils, and other tasty treats. We, like many of our guests, especially enjoy pairing cheese and wine and welcome all guests to bring a bottle of wine to share at the party.

With each cheese selection, we’ll share how it’s made and its origin and throw in a few fun facts here and there. We like to add new varieties to the table each year but we are partial to a few flavors that tend to make an appearance at the party such a smoked Gouda, a cheddar variety, and a blue cheese. We’ll also include some lactose free cheese at the event.

This event is held during our Afternoon Tea time at 4 p.m. and many guests enjoy turning this time into a lunch or full meal! We hope you can join us the weekend of March 12 for this fun and unique tasting party and perhaps learn a thing or two about this delicious food.

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