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Appetizing Cape May Things To Do

Who can resist a good winery? The scenery is beautiful, the food divine, and the different wine selections are wonderful. A wonderful afternoon at one of the Cape May vineyards is a perfect outing. The Queen Victoria® offers lodging close to three wineries.

Cape May Winery

The Cape May Winery has been in production for over 10-years and is currently owned by the Craig family, which also owns some of Cape May's most famous restaurants. They offer wine tasting, a gift shop, self-guided tours and a picnic on the deck or lawn. Guests can purchase cheese trays and blankets, or you can bring your own for a romantic outing.

Contact Information

Cape May Winery
709 Townbank Road
Cape May, NJ


Queen Victoria is 3.4 miles from the Cape May Winery.

  1. Start out going Northwest on Ocean Street (this turns into Elmira St which turns into Leaming Ave)
  2. Turn right on South Broadway/CR-626 (this becomes Seashore Road)
  3. Turn left on Town Bank Rd

Turdo Vineyards

The Turdo Vineyards and winery are known for their numerous varieties of wine, many of which are Italian varietals not often found in the United States. Visitors may enjoy wine tasting on the 5 acre site. Not only do some local restaurants carry these wines, but they have also been featured on the Jay Leno show. Turdo will surely become one of your favorite vineyards.

Contact Information

Turdo Vineyards
3911 Bayshore Road
North Cape May, NJ


The Queen Victoria® is 4.24 miles from the Turdo Vineyards

  1. Go northwest on Ocean Street (this becomes Elmira Street which becomes Leaming Ave)
  2. Turn right on south Broadway/CR-626 (this becomes Seashore Rd)
  3. Turn left on Sandman Blvd
  4. Turn left on Bayshore Rd

You may have noticed that these directions are very similar to the directions to Cape May winery. These wineries are very near each other and when combined offer a wonderful little "wine trail" for a full afternoon of wine tasting.

Hawk Haven Vineyard and Winery

Hawk Haven opened its doors in June of 2009 and has already established itself as a winery to be taken seriously. Though brand new, the quality of Hawk Haven's wine is impressive. Anna Marie and I especially like their "Red Table Wine", a name that does not do it justice. The tasting room is beautifully decorated and you'll feel right at home the moment you step through the door. Be sure to make Hawk Haven one of your favorite vineyards by stopping in during your visit.

Contact Information

600 S. Railroad Avenue
Rio Grande, NJ. 08242


The Queen Victoria® is 6.5 miles from the Hawk Haven Vineyard and Winery

  1. Go northwest on Ocean Street (away from beach)
  2. Turn RIGHT onto LAFAYETTE ST/CR-633.
  3. Turn RIGHT onto SIDNEY AVE.
  4. Turn LEFT onto WASHINGTON ST.
  5. Turn RIGHT onto LAFAYETTE ST.
  6. LAFAYETTE ST becomes NJ-109 N.
  7. NJ-109 N becomes US-9.
  8. Turn LEFT onto CRESSE LN.
  9. Turn RIGHT onto SEASHORE RD/CR-626. Continue to follow CR-626.

Natali Vineyards

Natali Vineyards and winery is one of our newest Cape May area wineries. Natali has an incredible variety of grapes planted in the vineyard and they've even surprised themselves at how well all of them have taken to the climate/location. Like the other vineyards, Natali vineyards produce a variety of red, white and sweet dessert wines to satisfy every palate.

Contact Information

Natali Vineyards
221 US Highway 47
Cape May Courthouse, NJ


The Queen Victoria® is 15 miles from the Natali Vineyards

  1. Go northwest on Ocean Street (away from beach)
  2. Turn right Washington St. (first light) until it ends
  3. Turn right on Lafayette St., over bridge and continue onto Garden State Parkway N
  4. Take exit 4 and turn left at bottom of ramp
  5. Proceed on Rio Grande blvd (also US route 47) through Rio Grand
  6. Continue until mile marker 12.9, turn left into driveway near sign