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The Queen Victoria

Is The Queen Victoria your destination for a romantic get away?

Beautiful QV Building
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Every year the Top 10 Romantic Inns are voted on at         If you think The Queen Victoria                 deserves to be on this list ... you can help make it                 happen.
                Please help put us on the list by clicking on the picture of the The Queen Victoria or the link below and write a review with the word "Romantic" in the title of your review.  What a simple way to tell the                 world that you think The Queen Victoria is a romantic                 place.
                Remember to include the word Romantic in the title!

Thank you very much for your patronage of The Queen                 Victoria.  A special thanks to those of you who take the                 time to write a review for us and put us on the "Top 10                 Romantic Inns" list.



              Doug and Anna Marie McMain

The Queen Victoria