September 2008 - Queen Victoria Newsletter
Fun in the Fall
Your Conference Room

Are you looking for the perfect retreat location for a small team or group meeting? Doesn't this look a little better than the conference room at the local Hilton? The Queen Victoria may just be the perfect spot to hold your next meeting. Talk about getting away!

Seriously, if you want to get your team or group away from the real world for a while so they can really focus on strategy for the coming year, you couldn't do much better than Cape May. Think about it! We're not very far away, there would be no disctractions, the setting is certainly inspirational, and you could blend in some great team building activities and evening events.

We've played host to several groups in the last year and I can tell you that they were all great successes. If you are planning a retreat, give me or Anna Marie a call. We can come up with a great package for you that is affordable and enjoyable.

Cape May Wine Trail

No Queen Victoria newsletter would be complete without mention of wine in some form or another. If you love to wine taste, then you've undoubtedly heard of or been on a "Wine Trail". I introduced the Cape May Wine Trail idea quite a while ago in a previous newsletter. Anyway, it seems like the idea is catching on. I am pleased to report that there are now two (2) official pubished references to the Cape May wine trail now.

Perhaps you heard about the MAC (Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts) wine trail trolley tour. Starting in February, MAC will be offering a trolley tour of all 3 local wineries (Cape May, Turdo and Natali), combined with a lunch at the Carriage House Tearoom & Cafe. I love this idea (I guess I should, since I proposed it to them). An afternoon of cruising, wine tasting, fun and a great meal, all without having to worry about driving. The tour starts at 12:00 noon and ends at 4:00pm. What a great way to spend an afternoon.

I figuratively tripped over the second reference to our little trail the other day at the Cape May Winery. They just got together with the other two wineries to publish a brochure for the wine trail. They provide a map to all the wineries and listing of all the websites and phone numbers. This trail is for real!

Seasonal Specials Return!

Besides all the great events, Fall also brings with it a return of our amazing week night packages. Lots of you already know about these great deals. I know this, because many of you have already booked reservations to take advantage of them.

So let me tell you about the specials. Perhaps the most popular is the "Gourmet Getaway", which features two nights in a luxury suite with a whirlpool tub and dinner at one of our fine dining restaurants ($100 dining certificate) for $385. This is really a great deal. Another popular package is the "222". Come stay with us for two nights in one of our large premium rooms for $222 (plus taxes). Do you like shopping? Try the "Girlfriend Getaway" package for 2 nights in a luxury suite and $100 in shopping vouchers good at over 15 of Cape May's wonderful shops. The ladies really like this one!

If you can't do a weeknight stay, take a look at the "Winter Weekend Madness" package. Stay three nights on a two night minimum weekend and receive a $75 gift card to the famous Mad Batter restaurant.

These packages are available November through April with a few exceptions. Give us a call to reserve your room soon!

New Jersey Film Festival

Did you know that every November Cape May plays host to the New Jersey State Film Festival? It isn't quite as famous as the Sundance Film Festival, but that is proabably only because nobody as famous as Robert Redford is sponsoring the Cape May festival. You never know what the future holds, though.

If you love great films and want to get a peak at some of New Jersey's up and coming talent, you should really consider making a trip to Cape May this November 21-23. There will be screenings all over town, parties, workshops, and a general sense of festivity throughout. By the way, if you have a film you want to enter in the festival, the deadline is October 17th.

The Queen's Christmas

Amazingly, Christmas is fast approaching. I don't think that the stores and malls have their decorations up yet (they're decorated for Halloween, I think), but we're starting to plan for our decorations and events already. Have you made your Christmas plans yet?

Now I know that many of you couldn't imagine spending Christmas away from home. For some of you though, The Queen Victoria is like your second home. Why not spend Christmas there? Bring the family! Lots of folks do, actually. Consider this: without the stress of cooking big meals and getting the house ready for company dropping in, you'll be able to really enjoy some quality time together.

Return for Thanksgiving!

I was tempted to just run the same Thanksgiving segment that was in my last newsletter because I liked it so much. I particularly liked the part where I thanked all of our dear friends and guests for making The Queen Victoria a success and for coming back time and again. I was tempted, but I knew that many of you actually read most of these newsletters, so I would hear about it if I appeared to get lazy. Since all my eloquence on the subject was consumed in last month's newsletter, I'm afraid that you'll have to be satisfied with a restatement of thanks from the bottom of my heart!

So, Thanksgiving is returning and you are facing one of two possibilities: 1) where to spend Thanksgiving, or 2) what to do with the weekend after Thanksgiving. The answer to either dilema is brilliantly clear ... come to The Queen Victoria! We are the ideal "nuetral" location for a family gathering (nobody has to cook or clean).

Despite all the hype you'll soon be seeing on TV, I know you don't really want to battle it out with all the other crazed shoppers in the malls on Black Friday. Think how much more enjoyable a leisurely drive to Cape May on Friday morning would be (after sleeping in). All those sales are over-hyped, and they'll be clearing the merchandise out a few weeks later anyway. Why not start your holiday shopping in Cape May's charming mall?

A Scary Condition

Do you decorate your home for Halloween? Are you drawn to displays of scary masks when browsing in your local stores? Do ghost stories feature prominently in your book case? If you answered yes to any of these questions there is a reasonable chance that you are suffering from paranormality syndrome. Don't lose hope, though! Your condition is treatable.

You guessed it! A weekend in Cape May is the only treatment that can offer you true relief. Each year thousands of people return to Cape May during the Halloween season to get their "fix" and get on with their normal lives. Luckily, the incredibly wise folks at MAC (Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts) have recognized the needs of so many visitors and have extended the Halloween season of 2008. Starting on Friday, October 17 Halloween returns in earnest in Cape May, running straight through the Hallowed day itself. As usual, there will be tours and events, far too many for me to list here.

The important thing to remember, though, is you need to stay for the weekend at The Queen Victoria to maximize the effects of the treatment. For a very serious case, we may be able to arrange for you to stay in a room reputed to be haunted! Ask about it when you book your room.

Upcoming Events

  • Rounding Third at Cape May Stage Thru Nov 1
  • Cape May Wine Festival Oct 11-12
  • Victorian Week Oct 10-19
  • Halloween Events Oct 17-31
  • Sherlock Holmes weekend Nov 7-9
  • Cape May Jazz Festival Nov 7-9
  • New Jersey Film Festival Nov 21 - 23
  • Cape May Christmas Nov 21 - Jan 4
  • Dickens Extravaganza Dec 7-9
  • Valentines/Presidents Day Feb 13-15


OK, I'll admit it. Summer is over. I'm still wearing shorts every day and going to the beach one or two afternoons a week, but technically speaking, Summer has come to an end. As much as Anna Marie and I enjoy Summer, however, I can honestly say that September and October are our favorite months of the year.

With Fall comes all of Cape May's best events, including the Food & Wine Festival, Octoberfest, Victorian Week, the NJ winegrowers wine festival, Halloween in Cape May, the NJ Film Festival, the Sherlock Holmes mystery weekend, and most of the Christmas season. Nobody does Fall better than Cape May!

A Sunny Fall Day in Cape May

Featured "Room of the Month" ... King Edward

Do you want to stay in our most popular room? Well, here it is! The King Edward room is a stunning room on the 2nd floor of the House of Royals. It literally occupies 1/2 the floor. The view here is taken from the bedroom section of the suite, looking into the sitting room. As you can probably tell, this is a truly special room.

If you've ever stayed in or ventured into the House of Royals, you have probably noticed the parlor downstairs. It is a pleasant space with some really magnificent wallpaper. Believe it or not, this sitting room is bigger than the parlor below it and just as ornate. King Edward has a queen sized bed, which is separated from the sitting room by some "theatre drapes" that you can see pulled aside in this photo. The room features a HUGE bathroom with a beautiful marble floor and a 2-person whirlpool tub surrounded by a marble backsplash that has an amazing pattern in it (accidental or planned ... you tell me). The room also has its own very large private balcony, which is accessed from just outside the room.

If you want a spacious, grand and Victorian suite for your next visit to The Queen Victoria, ask about the King Edward room. You'd better plan ahead, though, as it really is our most popular room and it gets booked up quickly.

Now Showing at Cape May Stage ... Rounding Third

With Major League Baseball ("MLB" for you sports junkies) claiming October as their own, I guess it is only appropriate that Cape May Stage present a baseball themed play now. This show opened up last night and is already garnishing rave reviews from our guests.

Even if you aren't a serious sports hound, I think you'll enjoy this new play. Like all Cape May Stage productions, it is wonderfully cast with great actors. And the story line is apparently about two coaches of "LLB" (Little League Baseball) teams, so we won't have to worry about offending any specific team's fans. Anna Marie and I haven't seen the show yet, but it sounds like a serious comedy, if that is possible. The description I've heard was funny, but you weren't sure if it was appropriate to laugh or not. How is that for intriguing? The show runs through November 1st, so if your planning a trip to The Queen Victoria this month, put it in on your "beach bucket list" (cute, huh?).

Speaking of baseball, I KNOW you're all pulling for the Phillies this year, right?!

You might have guessed that we have always considered The Queen Victoria to be the best bed and breakfast in Cape May. I suppose we could be faulted for having a subjective and biased perspective on this, but I honestly think it is true. I know many of you agree, for which I am eternally grateful. In fact, so many of you feel that way that The Queen Victoria was just voted the "Best Bed and Breakfast in Cape May" by the readers of!

You might be surprised to hear that we were unaware that was holding this contest. Can you believe it? I wasn't even able to "stuff the box" with my own votes. I can only assume that many of you, our great guests, took the initiative to vote for us. THANK YOU !!!

I want you to rest assured that the award won't go to our heads. While it is exciting and we're thrilled to tell anybody who asks about it, we're going to keep on trying to make The Queen Victoria better for you each time you come. Being ranked #1 isn't really a new thing for us, as you may be aware. We've been the #1 ranked bed and breakfast in Cape May on for a couple of years now (again, thanks to you!), which is also something that we are very proud of.

We're thankful that you've voted us #1. We're even more thankful that you keep coming back and sending your friends and loved ones. Gift Certificates ... not welcome here

I regretfully informed you all about our decision to suspend acceptance of gift certificate and gift cards from in my last email blast. Many of you had already made reservations with the intention of using them, so we accepted them from many of you this Summer, despite our new policy. Now that the season is complete, I just wanted to remind you all that we are no longer accepting them.

If you've got a relative or friend that loves to give you gift certificates to bed and breakfasts, suggest to them a Queen Victoria gift certificate. It works just as well as the other ones (better actually, as we'll apply them as the deposit), and we're always excited about redeeming them.

Favorite Guest Photos ... The Engagement

I know that it comes as no surprise to most of you that The Queen Victoria is a great place to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. Nearly every day somebody is celebrating something at The Queen Victoria. One of our favorite, and certainly the most romantic occasions is a proposal/engagement.

Nick proposed to his lovely girlfriend Emily in Cape May last February (can you say "Valentines Day"?). Judging from the smile on both of their faces, and the ring featured so prominently in this photo, Emily accepted the proposal.We often hear of the plan to get engaged by the nervous prospective groom. We have to be careful with our congratulation of these events, however, in case of cold nerves or a rejection. So far we haven't had any rejected proposals here at The Queen Victoria.

The conclusion that I draw from this is that The Queen Victoria is perhaps the best place in the world to bring your loved one to propose to her (or him!). We've got a perfect record of acceptance going for us here. Cape May really is a romantic place at any time of the year, and there are so many wonderful places and ways to get engaged here.

Doug & Anna Marie's Restaurant Pick Of The Month ... Pier House

I can't remember if we've ever featured the Pier House at Water's Edge, but if we haven't, we should have. Anna Marie and I took it upon ourselves to visit the Pier House for dinner a couple of weeks ago and were reminded how much we like it (its a tough job, but somebody has to do it). We had a wonderful meal that I'm still thinking about.

On this visit Anna Marie and I opted to eat in the bar, which since the NJ smoking ban is a wonderful setting. It was quiet and we had a great view of the beach across the street. We started off with an amazing order of our favorite appetizer, Fried Calamari, which was beautifully presented with 3 different sauces. Anna Marie ordered the "Sea Bass Bluenose", which was served with skewered crunch shrimp and some fabulous Yukon Gold mashed potatoes. I thoroughly enjoyed the Mahi Mahi which was served in an incredibly flavorful shrimp & scallop creole with rice pilaf.

We really enjoyed our meal from beginning to end. Next time you come to Cape May, give the Pier House a try. I know you'll be glad you did.