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Cape May State of Mind
The Early Bird (s)

We're fortunate that many hundreds of you come back and stay with us every year. Most of you who do so take advantage of a program we have that we call the Early Bird Discount. If you're unaware of this program, but do make a trip to The Queen Victoria an annual event, take note!

When you reserve your next year's stay upon your departure this year, we'll extend you two different discounts that add up to some great savings. First of all, you'll get the room you want next year at this year's rate, which is a $5/night discount. We'll also discount your entire stay another 5%.

I just did the math on this, and for an average stay, the savings you'll receive with this program will represent about a 15% return on your "deposit investment". I've got to say that I've never had a mutual fund investment that was as fun as a stay at The Queen Victoria.

Food & Wine Festival

If you know Anna Marie and me very well, you'll know we love both food and wine (especially wine!). That being the case, you'll understand our enthusiasm about the Food & Wine festival every September. This event gets better every year, which is actually hard to believe.

I know lots of you are starting to think about a September getaway. Don't wait any longer. You need to start planning your visit now if you want to enjoy this wonderful festival, which runs Sept. 16-20. You won't want to miss the gourmet marketplace, winery tours, wine tasting lectures, chef's cookoff, dine-arounds, or any of the other events planned.

Call us for more information about the Food & Wine Festival. MAC is building a new website, so their current one doesn't have much info on the festival.

Victorian Week October 5-14

Victorian Week is always one of the highlights of the year. We love the Historic House tours (we're always on them, in fact), Murder mystery dinners, concerts, and arts & crafts shows. Anna Marie and I even dress up in our Victorian best for the house tours that we are on!

Victorian Week is the quintessential Cape May event. If you love Victoriana and the charms of Cape May, how can you even think about missing Victorian Week in 2007? We still have availability for this event, but that won't be true for all that much longer. Give us a call to be sure that you have your room reserved.

2007 Cape May Designer Show House

It's Back! For the third year in a row Cape May has a Designer Show House. This year's house is just around the corner from The Queen Victoria, a few steps from our front door. Anna Marie and I love the showhouses every year, which we typically visit a couple of times. You'll definitely want to make time during your upcoming visit to The Queen Victoria for the Designer Show House.

This year's house runs between June 30 and October 14. It is located at 608 Hughes street, which is one of the prettiest streets in Cape May. The house features 11 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 5 fireplaces, formal parlor, large dining room, library, gym, spa, and covered porches overlooking the gardens. This year there are LOTS of dinner/showhouse specials too, so you can take advantage of a great meal package too!

Cape May (New Jersey) Wine Festival

Many of you know that Anna Marie and I love wine tasting. I'm thinking that lots of you do too, based on the popularity of Cape May winery among our guests. It won't come as a surprise to you then, when I tell you how excited we are about a new event being held in Cape May this year. The New Jersey Wine Growers Association has elected to hold one of their 5 annual festivals, the Harvest Festival, in Cape May for the first time.

Anna Marie and I used to attend one of these events annually for many years. It was truly one of the most enjoyable days of our year and we always looked forward to it. This year's Cape May festival, held at the Cape May-Lewis Ferry Terminal, should be even better. Imagine 20 wineries, each with a tasting tent set up around a large grassy meadow looking out over the beautiful Delaware Bay. Picture a band playing live music, people dancing, food vendors, scores of picnic blankets set up in the middle of the meadow filled with friends and family.

This really should be a wonderful and memorable event that you won't want to miss. It is being held during Victorian Week, giving you even more of a reason to come to Cape May (and stay at The Queen Victoria!).

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Weekend

Yes, the esteemed Sherlock will be returning to Cape May this Fall to continue his proud tradition of sleuthing. This time Holmes, Watson and his cast of characters will be attempting to solve the mystery of an attack on our very own president Benjamin Harrison, but he needs your help!

I think this is the most enjoyable event that Cape May puts on during the entire year. Come see the play, participate in the hunt for clues all over town, and solve the mystery. If you're truly inspired, don your best Sherlock outfit and compete for the best costume prize.

If you've never experienced this wonderful event, you'll want to start planning your November visit today. If you've participated before, then we'll probably be seeing you again this year. Call us today to make reservations for this wonderful weekend. This event ALWAYS sells out, so you'll want to call soon!

Dickens Extravaganza

The first week of every December Cape May hosts the wonderful Dickens Extravaganza. This event is a treasure that should be experienced by anybody who has a true love of Cape May, the Victorian era and Charles Dickens' wonderful literature.

This year's event promises to be one of our finest with feasts, house tours (including the Designer Show House), stage presentations and discussions and review of Dickens' fabulous work "Bleak House", as well as various aspects of Christmas in the Victorian era.

This year, in addition to our traditional hor d' oeuvres reception, The Queen Victoria will also continue the tradition of treating our guests to the "Welcome" dinner. Did I mention the 10% discount off of your room?


Upcoming Events

  • Delaware Bay Lighthouse Adventures Jul 21
  • Doug & Anna Marie's 20th Anniversary! Aug 8
  • Delaware Bay Lighthouse Adventures Aug 25
  • Delaware Bay Lighthouse Adventures Sep 15
  • Cape May Food & Wine Festival Sep 16-20
  • Victorian Week Oct 5-14
  • Cape May Wine Festival Oct 6-7
  • Halloween in Cape May Oct 24-28
  • Sherlock Holmes Weekend Nov 2-4
  • Dicken's Christmas Extravaganza Dec 2-4


I'm guessing most of you have heard Billy Joel's song "New York State of Mind". I'm thinking of asking him to update it a little with a version called "Cape May Stat of Mind". I'm sure he'll agree. I can hear it now, four verses, one for each of our beautiful seasons. Maybe he'll even plug The Queen Victoria for me (afterall, it is my idea).

Maybe he'll dedicate the song to you! Think about it. Don't you find yourself dreaming about Cape May's beautiful beaches, soothing waves, and calming breezes? Can't you see yourself strolling down our promenade after dinner "hand-in-hand with the one you love" (oops, different song), listening to the waves crashing into the sand? Doesn't a stroll to dinner at one of our incredible restaurants sound perfect? How about tea on the porch in a rocking chair?

Yes, I think you too are in a Cape May State of Mind!

Not Too Late for Summer!

So we're well into Summer now, and enjoying every minute of it. We've already welcomed many of you back this Summer, and it was wonderful having you again. Maybe you haven't made it down yet! If you are thinking you might still like to try and visit this year but were afraid you had missed the boat, don't despair. It is not too late to reserve your Summer stay at The Queen Victoria.

Sure, most of July and August are booked, but we still have some availability, especially in late August. You might be surprised to hear that Labor Day is always one of the last weeks to book up. If you think of Summer ending after August, I have to tell you that most of September falls in the Summer. In fact, it is my favorite time of the year!

Call us today and reserve a room. If you've checked online and it looks like we are full, you should call anyway. Sometime we can find openings the computer is not smart enough to be aware of.

Featured "Room of the Month" ... Windsor

I know that most of you are holding your breath every month in anticipation of which room we'll be featuring next. OK, take a breath ... it is Windsor. Surprisingly, Windsor is not as popular as some of our other rooms, and I can't figure out why. I'm sure that those of you who have stayed in Windsor will share my wonder at this mystery.

Windsor is a delightfully bright, cheery and quiet room located on the third floor in the Queen Victoria building. One of only two rooms on the third floor, it is one of our most spacious rooms with a charming seating area containing a cozy love seat and an "all season fireplace" (that means it is an electric Franklin stove that looks incredibly real and can have the heat option turned on or off). With windows on three of its walls it is always bright with the potential for wonderful cross breezes if the inspiration for fresh air arises. If you're looking for a wonderful room for your next stay, I highly recommend Windsor.

Stay & Play Special ... AGAIN!

The "Stay and Play" package is back by popular demand. As part of our ongoing support for great theatre in Cape May, we've purchased 20 season tickets to the Cape May Stage. That means we have 160 tickets to give to our favorite guests. Of course, our favorite guests are those who stay for several nights!

If you book a 4 night weekend stay or a 3 night weekday stay (no exceptions!) we'll be pleased to share our tickets to the Cape May Stage with you. These tickets have a $28 face value, so this is definitely a great deal. In fact, it is the only package we offer during the Summer. Be sure to ask about the tickets when you reserve your room!

The current production, "Moonlight & Magnolias" is a wonderful farce about the making of "Gone with the Wind". This cast photo is an indication of the hilarity of the show, which by all accounts is wonderful.

Bikes Anyone?

As always, we've still got a fleet of wonderful bicycles for you to enjoy while you stay with us at The Queen Victoria. Many of you exclaim that "I haven't ridden a bicycle in __ years" when I show you the bicycles for the first time. My reply, of course, is always "Well, it's like riding a bike ... you never forget", which is true.

If you haven't experienced Cape May on a bicycle, then you really haven't experienced Cape May yet. This year plan on taking a few spins around town. I've been planning lots of bicycle treks for our guests lately. If you are searching for a great bicycle route to see a new and interesting part of Cape May, just ask. I'll be happy to find just the route for you. Some of the favorite destinations include the lighthouse, the Coast Guard base, Higbee beach (with the obligatory stop at the Alpaca farm), and even our local wineries!

Favorite Guest Photos

I can't decide what looks better, this handsome couple or the beautiful sunset. I guess they complement each other nicely. Floyd and Amy stayed with us last December and took this wonderful photo at just the right moment. Can you believe this was taken during the week before Christmas? It just proves our maxim that it's ALWAYS the right time to visit Cape May!

OK, I know you are holding out on me! When I originally put out the "Call for Photos" lots of you responded. If you've been paying attention, then you've probably seen your photos on either one of these emails or our website. I appreciate you sending these photos ...

But now I want MORE! Come on, I know you have great photos of either a) yourselves having a great time in Cape May, b) Scenic shots of The Queen Victoria, or c) beautiful photos of our lovely town and surrounding areas. Send them in and enjoy a few minutes of fame.

Doug & Anna Marie's Restaurant Pick Of The Month ... La Verandah

One of the things I love to do every day is surprise our guests with "secret" places to eat. Now I know that La Verandah is not really trying to keep themselves a secret, but it kind of works out that way. Let's just say they're more focused on the meals they serve than they are on marketing themselves. In any case, this is an incredible restaurant, one of the finest in Cape May, that you absolutely want to try this Summer. I say this Summer, because they pretty much close to the public for weddings during the Fall, Winter & Spring.

Anna Marie and I went to La Verandah the other night and I must say we enjoyed one of the finest meals we've ever had. We started things off by splitting a salad and were promptly each brought out our own full sized salad. I can only imagine what the full sized salad looks like.

For an entree I had the black sea bass encrusted with pistachios on a bed of brocolli rabe with a small lobster tail. It was truly incredible. Anna Marie had linguine with shrimp, scallops and clams and fresh shaved parmesan cheese. To say she loved it would be an understatement. For dessert I devoured the flourless chocolate cake and Anna Marie enjoyed the apple crisp (which was almost as good as the one she makes for tea at The Queen Victoria). It was a meal that neither of us will forget soon.