March 2008 - Queen Victoria Newsletter
Thinking Fall
Last Hurrah!

Has Summer passed you by without allowing for a trip to The Queen Victoria? Believe it or not, it is not too late! If you want to squeeze in a last minute Summer weekend at The Queen Victoria, we've still got a couple of rooms available before the end of the season.

Labor Day is the traditional end of Summer, so it is only fitting that you should get your last minute reservation for Labor Day weekend. Surprising as it may be, we still have 3 rooms left for this grand finale to Summer.

For the literal minded, I should point out that Summer really doesn't end until September 20th, so there is actually more Summer ahead of us than some people may think. Either way, don't let Summer slip by without your annual trip to The Queen Victoria! Call us today.

Cape May Wine Festival

Not the wine thing again! Is he going to go off about wine again? Well .... yes.

The New Jersey wine growers association is hosting its 2nd annual Cape May Wine Festival this October 11th and 12th during our Victorian Week festival. I'm here to tell you that I can't imagine a better combination for a wonderful weekend. Holding these two events at the same time is a little bit like having Christmas and the 4th of July on the same weekend.

So what is the festival? Very simply, the wine festival is one of the most enjoyable events I can imagine. If you've never attended one of these festivals, then you should seriously consider attending this year's event. Imagine 25-30 tasting tents set up around a meadow with a live band playing music all day, the soft breezes blowing off of the bay, and the wonderful aromas of the food vendors wafting over you as you sample the wines of New Jersey. I know people that don't even like wine that attend these festivals regularly.

We've still got a few rooms available for that weekend, but I don't think they'll last very long. Give us a call today to be sure you'll have a place to stay when you come for the festival.

2008 Designer Show House

One of our favorite events every year is the Cape May Designer Show house. This year we're excited to see what our region's best designers are going to come up with at the 2008 Show House.

Anna Marie and I toured the house in the "before" preview. It was already apparent that there was a lot of magic in the works to create a wonderful showcase, literally starting from the bottom up. To start with they dug out the crawlspace to create a basement for the media and entertainment room. Every designer was there with conceptual drawings and materials, all of which promised a craftsman fantasy in the making.

The showhouse is already open and is receiving rave reviews. if you're looking for a real treat on your Summer or Fall visit this year, make plans to visit the 2008 Designer Show House.

Victorian Week!

So how do you get beautiful women to flock to you? One way is to marry one. Another is to get all dressed up in your Victorian best and attend Victorian Week this October in Cape May. Joan Hartley contributed this photo from her 2006 Victorian Week trip here and I couldn't imagine a better image for the event.

Yes, Victorian Week does allow sensible people to have fun getting dressed up. More significant, however, are all of the entertaining events available for your enjoyment. How is this for an amazing array of possibilities: Vintage Dancing, Chef's Dine Around, Antique and Craft Shows, Murder Mystery Theatre, Fall Harvest Beer tasting dinner, Chocolate Fantasy Buffet, Vintage Fashion show ... There really are too many events to list.

Victorian Week in Cape May is truly unique in the world. It is Cape May at its very best. Don't miss it this year. We still have availability throughout this event, so give us a call and secure you place in Cape May's Victorian Week.

Come Home for the Holidays (to your Queen Victoria home)

Did you ever wonder where the perfect place to spend Christmas was? Believe it or not, you already know of the place, but were unaware of it. The Queen Victoria really is the perfect place to spend Christmas. Why you ask? I was hoping you would!

First let me explain that Christmas as we know it was introduced to the world by Queen Victoria and her German husband Prince Albert. They popularized Christmas, making it what it is today (though they aren't responsible for the Christmas Carols in stores beginning in mid-October). So if Christmas is a Victorian tradition, and Cape May is the premier Victorian town, and The Queen Victoria is the best place to stay in Cape May (in my not so humble opinion), then it stands to reason and mathematics (transitive destination theory) that The Queen Victoria is the best place to spend Christmas.

Beyond that, it's fun! Every year lots of great couples return to their home for the holidays at The Queen Victoria. We've got amazing decorations, loads of cheer, special dinners and banquets and even little elves scurrying around in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve to make your Christmas special.

If you are searching for a special Christmas experience this year, we're just a phone call away.

Giving Thanks

Every year there comes a time when I start mentioning Thanksgiving in these newsletters. That time has obviously arrived (did you notice I did it out of order, placing it after Christmas? Just trying to keep you on your toes!), and as usually happens, I pause to reflect on how much Anna Marie and I have to be thankful for. We're very thankful for all of the usual things like good health, a wonderful marriage, and a comfortable life. We're also incredibly thankful for the friendships that we've made with many of our wonderful guests. Some guests never even meet us, nor do they care, but many of you have taken us into your hearts and shared your lives with us as well. I hope and trust that you already know how much we value your friendship, but I wanted to spell it out anyway. Thanks to you for your friendship and for brightening the halls of The Queen Victoria by your presence.

Having dispensed with all the heartfelt emotional stuff, let me get back to the commercialization of Thanksgiving. Every year Cape May and The Queen Victoria become a Thanksgiving destination for so many. Think about it: Do you really want to cook all day, clean up all night, and battle "the mall" on Friday with the rest of the world? Wouldn't it be much more relaxing to arrive at The Queen Victoria in time for tea Wednesday, enjoy a leisurely and relaxing Thanksgiving strolling the beach and town before a sumptuous meal at Union Park (our favorite Thanksgiving spot), and then stroll "our Mall" for unique Christmas bargains on Friday? It sounds much better to me!

Thanksgiving weekend is always a very popular weekend at The Queen Victoria, but why not arrive a couple of days early. You probably don't have to work, and what a great escape from the "Black Friday" crowds!


I have to admit that I was always really bad at the "Halloween Thing". I'm not saying I was a bad kid who wreaked havoc in the neighborhood (not much, at least). I actually mean that I was always incredibly uninventive about Halloween. Amazingly, Anna Marie was Halloween challenged as well. I'm sure that explains our successful marriage. Anyway, as you can imagine, I was a little reluctant to embrace the growing popularity of the event in Cape May. As it turns out, though, Cape May really is just about the perfect place for big kids to celebrate Halloween. We're on board with it now, and even encourage the wearing of the evening's costume at tea.

Yes, Halloween has become a big to do in Cape May in the last few years, and no wonder. We've got spooky looking houses. We've got ghosts and ghost tours (all year long too, not just when everyone else is doing it), and we've got some fun places to celebrate that are really into it.

If you have an urge to "Do the Spooky" this year (yeah, I just made that up ... I'm probably getting too full of myself here), I think you should give some serious consideration to a Cape May get-away. Cape May's Halloween events actually start early this year, running from October 17 and running right through the Hallowed day itself (if, indeed it is hallowed). It seems like quite a long time frame, but I guess Halloween has just gotten too big for a single night, at least in Cape May.

Upcoming Events

  • Doubt opens at Cape May Stage Aug 20
  • Cape May Crafts Sep. 6
  • Food & Wine Festival Sep. 20-25
  • Cape May Wine Festival Oct 11-12
  • Victorian Week Oct 10-19
  • Halloween Events Oct 17-31
  • Sherlock Holmes weekend Nov 7-9
  • Cape May Jazz Festival Nov 7-9
  • New Jersey Film Festival Nov 21 - 23
  • Cape May Christmas Nov 21 - Jan 4


It is hard to believe, but Summer is already drawing down, with each passing day bringing us closer to all of the wonderful Fall events in Cape May.

I know that lots of you have already discovered the joys of late Summer and early Fall in Cape May and it has become your favorite time of year. And no wonder! With the Food & Wine Festival, Victorian Week, the NJ Wine Festival, Sherlock Holmes weekend, the Cape May Jazz Festival and NJ Film Felstival there is plenty to do and enjoy. Did I mention the wonderful weather, diminished crowds and lower rates at The Queen Victoria?

As much as I love Summer, Fall really is my favorite time of the year in Cape May. I'll bet it might become yours too if you give it a try.

The Perfect Start to the Day ... Breakfast on the House of Royals Porch!

Featured "Room of the Month" ... Gilbert & Sullivan

What?! You've never stayed in Gilbert & Sullivan? Unbelievable. Gilbert & Sullivan is the favorite room of MANY of our long-time and frequent guests. It offers privacy, has a bright, cheery atmosphere, is cozy in the Winter and cool in the Summer. What more could you be looking for in a room?

To say that Gilbert & Sullivan has character is an understatement. With its charming fireplace, slightly sloping floors (it was once a "sleeping porch"), odd shaped bathroom, this room is just full of charm. Gilbert and Sullivan also has 6 windows, which is probably more than any other room in the inn, providing great cross-breezes in suitable weather.

Gilbert & Sullivan is also one of our best values. It is actually a two room suite, but priced two levels down as a Large Standard room.

Coming Up at Cape May Stage

The folks at Cape May Stage are winding down their latest production, "Private Lives" by Noel Coward, so I thought I'd mention the upcoming production: "Doubt". This one looks like a departure from the kind of funny, comedic performances that Cape May Stage often produces. The truth is, though, that they're usually good for a drama or two each season. This looks to be a great one.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of this Pulitzer prize winning story and Tony Award winning (Best Play) production. I guess I shouldn't be. Most of you know I'm about as cultured as a clam on the beach. Anyway, you are probably well aware that this is a story about a Nun's efforts to have a priest removed for inappropriate behavior with a student. Yes, this one might be a little intense.

On a marginally interesting side note, I met the lead actress at the Depot Market Cafe the other day. It was a little awkward, since I was not aware of what the next production was or what it was about. Luckily, as an innkeeper I have pretty decent chatting skills, so I was able to pull it off. Can you believe she had never heard of The Queen Victoria? Shocking!

Ben Miller & "Donate My Weight"

As you may have guessed, one of the very best things about our lives as innkeepers of The Queen Victoria is that we get to meet some really special people. It is a blessing that never ceases to amaze us. One of these people is a gentleman named Ben Miller. If you've ever read a copy of "Exit Zero", you have probably read some of the columns he has written. Ben is an interesting guy with an interesting story. Now he is on an interesting mission that I wanted to share with you. It really is inspirational.

Ben started his adult life as a pretty averaged size guy, but through the course of years and life's experiences became what you would have to describe as a BIG GUY. Ben is working hard to put that behind him, though, and he has an innovative and wonderfully caring program to motivate himself to lose weight while helping others.

Ben has founded an organization called "Donate My Weight", which is dedicated to raising food and cash donations to the "Second Harvest Food Banks". Ben is obtaining pledges of both food and money for each pound he loses. Literally, his is getting food donated to hungry people for each pound he loses.

When I met Ben he had already dropped 60 pounds to weigh in at 400 lbs. Since then, he has lost an additional 40 pounds. You may have seen Ben on TV or on posters around the metro Philadelphia area. Ben won't be big for much longer, I hope, but he will always have a big heart. If you would like to help in Ben's mission, visit his website and join him. Gift Certificates ... NOT

This is not one of my usually uplifting, fun little segments, but we've made a decision at The Queen Victoria that I wanted to share with you.

We no longer accept gift certificates or gift cards.

Due to the amazing expense to us of redeeming them, along with the rampant abuse of their program through discounting, we've decided that we can no longer participate.

If you've got a relative or friend that loves to give you gift certificates to bed and breakfasts, suggest to them a Queen Victoria gift certificate. It works just as well as the other ones, and we're always excited about redeeming them.