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Cape May Sketchbook

Number One Choice Of Jersey Shore Inns

Every year, usually in mid to late September, Michael and Martha Liscano go to the library to get a book-on-tape, usually Garrison Keillor, and drive from Columbus, Ohio to Cape May, New Jersey for a five to ten day stay at one of the best Jersey Shore Inns.

Every year, usually in mid to late September, Anna Marie & Doug McMain go to the grocery store to stock-up, brief the staff, warm-up the local fishing guide and pray for good morning light to prepare for the arrival of some of their favorite guests - Michael and Martha Liscano.

Every morning, usually in mid to Late September, while others are sleeping, walking, running, biking or partaking of other healthy exercises, Michael Liscano is seen all around town, perched on his favorite stool, tool box at hand and drawing board on lap partaking of his favorite exercise: drawing the Queen's Realm and other architectural wonders of Cape May, including one of the most renowned Jersey Shore Inns-The Queen Victoria.

Michael, when not in Cape May, wears an AIA appendage to his name. In Ohio, his drawings, though creative, are very exacting to please the building and inspecting communities. Here in Cape May, usually in mid to late September, his work captures the whimsical side of our Victorian architecture. This makes sense, since Michael's (and Martha's too) whimsical nature lights up the social hours of breakfast and tea at the inn.

So, "usually mid to late September" is a very nice time to visit The Queen Victoria® in Cape May.

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