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The Best Way To Experience Cape May

Cape May By Trolley

Published on August 15, 2017

Cape May is such a fun place to visit with many places to explore. There is much to see and do here on the cape. Getting bored in Cape May is next to impossible. You may have explored the cape by bike before, but how many times have you explored a destination by trolley? Trolley tours are one of many fantastic ways to see the wonderful sites in Cape May. Offered by The Mid-Atlantic Center for Arts & Humanities (MAC), there are many different trolley tour options perfect for getting to know the cape like the back of your hand. Another great reason why you need to visit Cape May.

Enjoy a guided tour in comfort and class from a cheery red trolley. Learn everything you want to know about Cape May. As America’s first seaside resort, Victorian heritage and maritime past, the history here is endless. And with as many as eleven different trolley tours available, there is sure to be at least one that piques your interest.

Cape May’s Wild Side Trolley Tour
New this year, this tour will treat you to Cape May’s wildlife hotspots. Enjoy some bird and butterfly watching from world famous sites in the bird capital of North America.

Historic District Trolley Tour
Take a trolley ride and be prepared to be fascinated as you learn about the country’s oldest seaside resort.

Children’s Trolley Ride
Bring the kiddos on the jolly red trolley and cruise through Cape May’s historic district. This tour is tailored to kids from 3 to 7 years old.

Mansions By the Sea Trolley Tour
This tour takes you through a century of beachside development with structures dating back to the 1870s. You will see some of the most impressive structures built on Cape May.

Mansion Trolley/Show House Combination
Enjoy the Mansions by the Sea Trolley tour combined with a self-guided tour of the Cape May Designer Show House. See the same great mansions and hear the same great stories as those at the Mansions By the Sea Trolley Tour and get an hour to explore the Designer Show House. 

Welcome to Cape May Trolley Tour
Perfect for the first time Cape May visitor, this tour provides a quick background of Cape May culture and history. You will also learn some fantastic tips for making the most out of your first visit to the cape.

Combination Trolley/Physick Estate Tour
Enjoy an combination of a trolley tour through the historic district and a guided tour of Cape May’s only Victorian house museum. Both should be on your itinerary anyway.

Behind the Walls & Under the Crawls Trolley Tour
This trolley tour is perfect for those who want to learn about how new inventions came about during the Victorian era. See how technological marvels of the time (electricity, plumbing, elevators and more) found its way to Cape May.

Underground Railroad Trolley Tour
Learn how Cape May became part of the journey for hundreds of African American slaves in search of freedom. Get a feel for walking down the same streets as legendary Harriet Tubman and hear the stories of those fleeing for their freedom on the Underground Railroad.

Cape Mayhem Trolley Tour
Learn about the strange beliefs, superstitions and even mysteries from the Victorian era as you ride your trolley through the gaslit streets of Cape May. 

Ghosts of Cape May Trolley Tour
Guided by psychic medium Craig McManus, you will hear his first hand experiences on a 30 minute trolley tour through the darkened streets of Cape May. With only the flickering of the gas lamps, you will find out what the ghosts have told McManus.

Ghosts of the Lighthouse Trolley Tour
What is a visit to the cape without a tour of the Cape May Lighthouse? Take an evening tour to the lighthouse and learn about psychic medium Craig McManus’ paranormal findings. Will you be brave enough to climb the 199 steps to the top while keeping an eye out for your own paranormal experiences?